With the new academic year fully underway it's that time of year to start having conversations with students about what academic integrity means, and why is it important.  A number of events and activities have already been scheduled for this fall.  Academic Integrity Week will be held from September 25 through September 29.  On-campus activities for our traditional students will include a panel on integrity, a movie night where we will watch a movie about serial plagiarist, Jayson Blair, and an ice cream social.  Activities for our online learners will include an essay on integrity in your work, a digital scavenger hunt, and a short quiz.  Participation in each activity creates an entry into a raffle for a prize!

If you want to get involved in these efforts (and more!), contact Tess Gillis for information on the Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC).

Tess Gillis
Director, First Year Experience and Academic Integrity