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Academic Integrity Blog

Date: Feb 2017

Stevenson Faculty:  Are you interested in discussing ways you could lessen your students' motivation to cheat?  Come join the faculty development reading group as we dive into Cheating Lessons: Learning From Academic Dishonesty, by James M. Lang.  Beginning this Friday from 2pm-3pm in GHS 114, we will discuss how increasing a student’s motivation to learn can decrease his/her motivation to cheat. If you have questions, please contact Tess Gillis, Academic Integrity Officer at, or 443-352-5539. 

Come be a part of a book club that not only benefits you as a faculty member, but your students as well!

Authored by Tess Gillis, and Jeda Greenwood (Senior, Criminal Justice)

The Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC) members are pictured here preparing some MUG-nificent treats for students during finals week of Fall 2016. SAIC mug giveaways are only one of the fun events this student-driven committee hosts. While demonstrating the fundamental values of academic integrity to students, faculty, and staff across campus the SAIC still manages to have fun. Come be a part of an awesome committee that provides cool prize giveaways, free food at almost all events, and meeting times that will fit into your busy schedule, all while staying true to our mission of promoting integrity at Stevenson. Who knew integrity could be so exciting?

Interested in our committee?  Contact the Academic Integrity Officer, Tess Gillis, at and be sure to follow us on Facebook (@MustangsSAIC), Twitter, and Instagram (@SUintegrity)!  

Authored by: Jeda Greenwood, Criminal Justice

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