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With the new academic year fully underway it's that time of year to start having conversations with students about what academic integrity means, and why is it important.  A number of events and activities have already been scheduled for this fall.  Academic Integrity Week will be held from September 25 through September 29.  On-campus activities for our traditional students will include a panel on integrity, a movie night where we will watch a movie about serial plagiarist, Jayson Blair, and an ice cream social.  Activities for our online learners will include an essay on integrity in your work, a digital scavenger hunt, and a short quiz.  Participation in each activity creates an entry into a raffle for a prize!

If you want to get involved in these efforts (and more!), contact Tess Gillis for information on the Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC).

Tess Gillis
Director, First Year Experience and Academic Integrity

Take part in a fun activity this week and earn the chance to win a prize valued at $200!  The SAIC (Student Academic Integrity Committee) and the Office of Academic Integrity are hosting a digital scavenger hunt this week!  Snap pictures and post them to your Instagram feed using the hashtag #hunt4integrity to be entered for a chance to win a prize of $200 worth of gift cards.  See the flyer above for a list of qualifying pictures.  Get snapping for integrity!!

The second session of Faculty Book Club is this Friday, March 24 from 2pm-3pm in GHS 114.  Join us to learn more about what classroom factors impact student learning.  We will take a look at Chapters 4-7 of "Cheating Lessons" during this session. Come and join a great discussion, even if you haven't read the book!

Stevenson Faculty:  Are you interested in discussing ways you could lessen your students' motivation to cheat?  Come join the faculty development reading group as we dive into Cheating Lessons: Learning From Academic Dishonesty, by James M. Lang.  Beginning this Friday from 2pm-3pm in GHS 114, we will discuss how increasing a student’s motivation to learn can decrease his/her motivation to cheat. If you have questions, please contact Tess Gillis, Academic Integrity Officer at, or 443-352-5539. 

Come be a part of a book club that not only benefits you as a faculty member, but your students as well!

Authored by Tess Gillis, and Jeda Greenwood (Senior, Criminal Justice)

The Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC) members are pictured here preparing some MUG-nificent treats for students during finals week of Fall 2016. SAIC mug giveaways are only one of the fun events this student-driven committee hosts. While demonstrating the fundamental values of academic integrity to students, faculty, and staff across campus the SAIC still manages to have fun. Come be a part of an awesome committee that provides cool prize giveaways, free food at almost all events, and meeting times that will fit into your busy schedule, all while staying true to our mission of promoting integrity at Stevenson. Who knew integrity could be so exciting?

Interested in our committee?  Contact the Academic Integrity Officer, Tess Gillis, at and be sure to follow us on Facebook (@MustangsSAIC), Twitter, and Instagram (@SUintegrity)!  

Authored by: Jeda Greenwood, Criminal Justice

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