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Summer Science Scholars Research Program

The Summer Science Scholars Research Program (S3RP) is designed to provide select Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences majors with an experiential learning opportunity that will give them a competitive advantage in their pursuit of employment, graduate or professional school. S3RP students work full-time for 10 weeks during the summer in one of our campus research laboratories or in field studies on a meaningful project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. They experience life as a researcher, which by its very nature is characterized by highs, lows, and everything in-between. The S3RP students discover how to celebrate their successes in their work and how to learn from their failures – skills that will translate well into any facet of life. 


  • About the Program

    About the Program

    Students from the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Mathematics and Physics are selected for the S3RP opportunity each summer and work under the direction of a faculty mentor. Faculty serve as the research mentors for two or three students.

    Students who are selected for the S3RP fulfill the following requirements:

    • 10 weeks of full-time research 
    • Weekly journal club presentations
    • Research seminar at end of the program
    • Scientific poster at the December Fine School of the Sciences Poster Session
    • One or more professional development activities (career development seminar, professional scientific conference, visit to local employer, etc.)

    Students participating in the S3RP receive a stipend of $4,000 for the duration of the program. Housing may be available for a fee to students who meet certain eligibility requirements. Students interested in housing are encouraged to contact Dr. Meredith Durmowicz at mdurmowicz@stevenson.edu for detailed information.

    Specific Program Objectives

    Upon completion of the program, the S3RP student will be able to:

    • Discuss his or her research, including the purpose, the theoretical, scientific, and/or mathematical principles involved, the study design, data analysis, and the future directions.
    • Design and execute an experimental approach to research questions independently, including data analysis and troubleshooting.
    • Demonstrate appropriate professional behavior while interacting with his or her research mentor, fellow students, and others.
    • Communicate research results and analyses in verbal and written formats appropriate to the discipline.
    • Refine future career plans by reflecting on his or her research experience and his or her unique interests, values, skills, and talents.


    Dr. Meredith C. Durmowicz
    Dean, Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences
    Manning Academic Center, Room N112

  • Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria

    Current SU students who have completed two or more semesters in the Fine School of the Sciences may find eligibility criteria and application details at the Portal.

    Transfer students to the Fine School of the Sciences must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to participate in the Summer Science Scholars’ Research Program:

    • Student must have either enrolled for the first time in a School of the Sciences major in the previous spring semester OR be an incoming transfer student who has deposited and/or has a confirmed appointment for registration for fall classes
    • Student must have completed a minimum of 45 credits at the college level. For Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science majors, at least 16 credits must be in majors’-level science courses; For Applied Math majors, at least 8 credits must be in majors’-level math courses.
    • Student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 at his/her previous institution
    • Student must have earned a grade of “C” or better in all science and math courses that have been completed


  • Application Process

    Application Process

    Current SU students in the Fine School of the Sciences may find the Application and Selection timeline on the SU Now Portal.

    Transfer students to the Fine School of the Sciences who are interested in applying to the program must complete the S3RP Transfer Student Application. The following documentation must be submitted:

    • Completed S3RP Transfer Student Application
    • Academic Transcript that includes current semester coursework (unofficial copy is acceptable)
    • One page, double-spaced typed description of why you are interested in participating in the Summer Science Scholar Research Program and what you hope to gain from your participation in the program
    • Completed Ranking Form, indicating level of interest in available research projects (NOTE: The Ranking Form will be made available to eligible transfer students who have been accepted to SU starting in mid-February, after the Faculty Mentors are selected)

    Application and Selection Timeline:

    Current SU students in the Fine School of the Sciences may find the Application and Selection timeline at the Portal.

    Transfer students to the Fine School of the Sciences follow the deadlines below:

    Application and Supporting Documentation March 31
    Notification of Selection April 15
    Acceptance of Selection May 1
    Start of Research Program Mid to Late May

    Please note that participation in the S3RP is contingent on the transfer student meeting all eligibility requirements at the start of the program, including final course grades and the GPA in the current and/or final semester at the previous institution.

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