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STEM-Focused Degrees

Stevenson offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees that prepare students for today’s STEM career paths. Programs include:

Applied Mathematics




Computer Information Systems

Cyber Forensics (Master's)

Environmental Science

Forensic Science (Master's)

Medical Laboratory Science


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STEM at Stevenson


Meet Our Instructors and Staff

Lindsey Jones, M.Ed.

Lindsey Jones, M. Ed.
SoLVE Program Coordinator
Science Camp Director

Lindsey Jones is the self-proclaimed “Biggest Science Nerd in the World!”. Her love of science started in elementary school and continued through her career. She has taught high school physics, chemistry and earth and space science. One summer she attended the “Educators in Space Academy”, basically Space Camp for grown-ups, and that started her love for space and all things NASA. Lindsey even worked as an educator at NASA, talking to students all across the country about the amazing science and engineering going on at NASA, and of course about astronauts. At Stevenson University she works with the students in Chemistry, Physics and Organic Chemistry to help they achieve maximum success in those courses.

Tim Dwyer

Tim Dwyer, Ph.D.
Biochemistry Instructor at Science Camp

Tim Dwyer is a biochemist by training who has lead the biochemistry class at summer camp since 2007.

Besides enjoying growing bacteria, having fun with DNA and proteins and seeing how much energy is given off by burning marshmallows, he loves sports in general, soccer in specific, eating, reading a good book and playing games.

Neal Miller

Neal Miller, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Robotics Instructor at Science Camp

As a young adult, I spent a lot of time on family vacations at Assateague Island. Among many happy memories of those trips was a love of lying on the beach at night and looking up at the stars. How wonderful to take that love and an aptitude for science and become an astronomer! I obtained a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and found my way out to the desert southwest for graduate school, where I got my PhD from New Mexico State University through a program associated with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

Astronomy is fun using all the “colors” of light, and I’ve done research using X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, and especially radio. I came to Stevenson University in 2013 to teach physics and mathematics, and am excited to share a little astronomy and physics with the students of Science Camp!

Dawn Ward

Dawn Ward Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry Instructor at Science Camp

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