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Stevenson Reef Ball Project

Meredith Durmowicz, Ph.D.
Dean, School of the Sciences



Stevenson Reef Ball Project

Stevenson Reef is the cornerstone of Stevenson University’s bourgeoning sustainability initiative, intertwining science education with environmental and community action.  Each fall since 2010, Stevenson Students from the Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences make reef balls as part of the freshman seminar course. 

These concrete balls are placed in the Chesapeake Bay each Spring, creating an artificial reef habitat. This reef has been dedicated in honor of Dr. Susan Slattery, who was killed in an automobile accident in 2010.

Stevenson University supports the Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative, part of the Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland. With a grant from The Campbell Foundation, the University held its first Reef Ball Day on Oct. 15, 2010 with more than 300 students, faculty, and staff volunteers. On May 18, 2011, our first batch of reef balls was deployed into the Chesapeake Bay.

Stevenson has expanded its Reef Ball Project by reaching out and establishing a program to support the efforts of other schools, groups, and organizations in making reef balls. Because the cost of the molds and supplies can be prohibitive for small organizations, Stevenson loans complete kits to those who wish to make one or more reef balls.

Since 2011, the loaner program has helped to produce another 112 reef balls for the bay. As of early October 2014, the Stevenson Reef Ball Project had created a total of 286 reef balls to help restore the bay.

Donate a Reef Ball

Every gift that we receive will help us to expand this program throughout our community. We offer our equipment for schools and other organizations to make their own reef balls to be included in our reef. However, the cement and other supplies can become expensive. Your gift will help us with supplies, boat rentals, and other expenses related to this project.

Give Online
Gifts can be made through the Stevenson University online giving system. Please designate your gift as “Other” and then write “Reef Ball Project” in the box.

Give by Phone
You can also make a gift by calling the Stevenson University Advancement Office 443-334-2229. Please tell the operator that you wish to designate your gift for the Reef Ball Project.

Thank you!

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