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Earn College Credit

High school students can earn transcripted college credit

Students who complete all four courses in the Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences program can apply to receive credit for Stevenson University’s BIO 113 General Biology I: Cell Biology and Genetics lecture and laboratory courses and BIO 222 Human Anatomy (see course descriptions below). For those students who meet the requirements, eight (8) credits can be awarded for BIO 113, BIO 113L, and BIO 222 from Stevenson University.

BIO 113 General Biology I: Cell Biology and Genetics (3 credits). Emphasizes the molecular nature of biology and biological principles that are common to all life. Topics covered relate to the physical and biochemical structure and function of cells and cell processes and genetics.

BIO 113L: General Biology I Laboratory: Cell Biology and Genetics (1 credit). Introduces experimental methods and techniques used in the biology laboratory. Topics relate to cell structure and function, and skills covered include the scientific method and experimental design, microscope and micropipette use, and aseptic technique.

BIO 222: Human Anatomy (4 credits). Introduces the gross and microscopic structure of the human body. Topics include histology (cells and tissues) and the eleven systems of the body. Laboratories include microscopic examination of cells and tissues, as well as dissection and study and identification of gross anatomical features. Laboratory included.

In order to earn up to 8 credits for BIO 113 General Biology I, BIO 113L General Biology I Laboratory, and BIO 222 Human Anatomy, students must:

  • Complete all four (4) courses in the PLTW Biomedical Sciences program. These include Principles of the Biomedical Sciences, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, and Biomedical Innovation.
  • Earn a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all PLTW Biomedical Sciences courses, with no more than one grade of “C” in a PLTW course.
  • Earn appropriate scores on the end-of-course exams for the Principles of the Biomedical Sciences, Human Body Systems, and Medical Interventions courses as described:
    • Stanine score of 7 or higher on exams taken prior to December 2018
    • Raw score of 45 or higher on exams taken December 2018 or later

How do I apply for credit for my PLTW courses?

In order to apply for Stevenson University credit for PLTW courses, students must follow the steps below:

  • At any time while you are taking the PLTW course sequence, complete the Intent to Apply Form. After you complete all of your PLTW courses, including Biomedical Innovation, print and complete the "Special Student Application - Project Lead The Way".
  • Mail the completed Special Student Application, your official high school transcript showing the PLTW courses, and the required fee ($175 for 4 credits; $350 for 8 credits) to the address below. Checks should be made out to Stevenson University.

Meredith C. Durmowicz, Ph.D.
Dean, Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences
Stevenson University
Kevin J. Manning Academic Center
11200 Ted Herget Way
Owings Mills, MD 21117

The application, transcript, and fee must be postmarked no later than August 1 of the year in which you complete the PLTW courses.

If you are asking your high school to send your transcript directly to SU, please ensure that they use the address above and not the general university address.

Upon receipt of all necessary forms and verification of all eligibility criteria, the requested courses with a grade of “P” will be entered on the student’s Stevenson University transcript. A grade of “P” is equivalent to a C or better. Students may request an official Stevenson University transcript though the National Student Clearinghouse secure transcript ordering site.

Please Note: Stevenson University cannot guarantee whether or how any other institution will accept the credits that are offered for PLTW courses. Students planning to transfer their Stevenson University credits to another institution are advised to first check with their intended institution to confirm that the credits will be accepted. Syllabi for BIO 113, BIO 113L, and BIO 222 can be provided upon request, if needed. Please contact Dr. Durmowicz at

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