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Sara Narayan: Fine School of the Sciences Faculty

Sara Narayan

Chemistry | Fine School of the Sciences
Sara Narayan
Office Hours
Varies by semester and also by appointment
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Kevin Manning Academic Center


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Ph.D. Physical Organic Chemistry  Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

M.Sc- Organic Chemistry, Central College , Bangalore, India

Professional Experience

Stevenson University
Professor of Chemistry

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Villa Julie College

Assistant Professor of Biology

Adjunct Professor


Towson University
Adjunct Instructor

Barre National Pharmaceutical Company
Senior Chemist

Baltimore City Community College
Adjunct Professor



Research is directed to finding a cost-effective method using Green Chemistry principles for the synthesis of anti-HIV drugs like Tenofovir disoproxyl fumarate (TDF) and other related anti-HIV drugs. My current research interest focuses on designing promising drugs like various nucleoside analogs, integrase inhibitors and protease inhibitors that can prevent AIDS viruses using computer modeling techniques. Gaussian and WebMO modeling techniques will used as tools for designing drugs. From these studies, hopefully one can provide answers to what type of molecules warrant further investigation


Recent Publications:

  1. Saraswathi Narayan*; Ellen M. Roskes; Marilyn Kroeger Smith and Shannon S. Familetti “Importance and ways of implementation of case studies as an active learning tool to enhance student comprehension for General, Organic and Biochemistry (GOB) Lab and Lecture courses”. Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE), July 2016, University of Northern Colorado
  2. Saraswathi Narayan, Jahnavi Patel, Amber Woodruff, Hira Munir, Susie Sun, Janine Ladzinski and Joseph M. Fortune, Exocyclic N-Protecting Groups for 9-[(R)-2(phosphonomethoxy)propyl] adenine (Tenofovir) a precursor for Tenofovir Disoproxyl Fumarate (TDF) an HIV drug, Poster presentation, Eastern Analytical Symposium, November, NJ 2014
  3. Saraswathi Narayan -  An interactive digital presentation of chemistry courses using Prezi and Voice Thread an alternative to Power Point presentation.”-”. Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE), - August 2014, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  4. Saraswathi Narayan:  Green Chemistry Success stories- Simple Microwave assisted method for synthesis of Organic esters and aspirin using polymer supported p-toluene sulfonic acid as a catalyst: a green method for GOB laboratory; North East Regional Meeting (NERM), Connecticut, New Haven. October 25, 2013 
  5. S. Narayan, R. Heyrovska and L. Atchison; A Novel Approach to the Structure of Three Important Nanomaterials in Nanotechnology and Cosmology: Graphene, Coronene and Boron nitride) at JHU/APL Laurel, MD Presented on April 19, 2010.  CITATION:   Nature Proceedings:, Nature Precedings: version 2. December 2011
  6. S. Narayan, R. Heyrovska: Structures of Molecules at the Atomic Level: Caffeine and Related Compounds, Philippine Journal of Science 140(2): 119-124,2011
  7. Matthew A. Zajac, Anthony Zacrkewski, Mark A. Kowal and Saraswathi   Narayan.  A novel method of synthesis of caffeine from uracil.  Synthetic communications, Vol 19, pp3021-27, 2003


Primary Courses

Chem 110: Foundations of General, Organic and Biochemistry

Chem 110 L: Foundations of General, Organic and Biochemistry

Chem 365: Independent Laboratory Research

Courses also taught

SCI-100 Freshman seminar

Chem -105 Introduction to science of medicine -ON-LINE course

Chem 115: General Chemistry I

Chem 115L: General Chemistry I Laboratory

Chem 116L: General Chemistry II Laboratory

Chem 210: Organic Chemistry I

Chem 210L: Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

Chem 211: Organic Chemistry II

Chem 211L: Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

Chem 340 Medicinal Chemistry

Chem 431 Physical Chemistry Lecture and lab

Chem 432 Physical Chemistry Lecture and lab

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