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Gerald Majer , Ph.D., MFA

English | School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Gerald Majer
Office Hours
MW 12:30-1:45
Office Location

AC  242


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M.F.A., Fiction Writing, Johns Hopkins University

Ph.D., English, Northwestern University

Professional Experience

1996 to present, Department of English, Stevenson University


My main literary research interests include Victorian literature and culture; the Gothic and Horror; history of mediation with special emphasis on animation; history of theory with special emphasis on concepts of life, the bios, and animism.   I have secondary interests in black studies, experimental writing, and contemporary American fiction.  

My creative writing interests include nonfiction and mixed genre/hybrid texts; Neo-Victorian and experimental fiction; and poetry. 

Currently, I am working on a creative nonfiction book about Park Vibe, a Baltimore-based black drum circle.

My other book project also is a creative nonfiction exploration of idea of animation across a range of intellectual, historical, and personal landscapes.   One of the chapters, "Le Squelette Joyeux," was recently published in the Georgia Review (Summer 2016) and has been nominated for a 2016 Pushcart Prize.



The Velvet Lounge: On Late Chicago Jazz (Columbia University Press, 2006).

A creative nonfiction book, now held in over 300 public and academic libraries worldwide.  Chapters were first published in literary journals The Georgia Review, The Yale Review, Quarterly West, and others.

Creative Nonfiction

"Le Squelette Joyeux," Georgia Review, Summer 2016.

“A Perfectly Beastly State of Filth: Hector Gavin, Sanitary Ramblings, and the Abominable I.”  The Yale Review 100, 4 (October 2012): 88-113.

“Naked Specks of Living Matter: H.C. Bastian and the Origins of Me.” The Yale Review 95, 1 (January 2007): 101-28.

“Le Serpent Qui Danse.”  The Georgia Review LV1V, 3 (Fall 2005): 649-71.

“Monstrosioso.” Brilliant Corners  9, 2 (Summer 2005): 61-89. 

“Intuitive Research Beings.”  The Yale Review 93, 1 (January 2005): 56-80.

“Batterie.” Brilliant Corners 9, 1 (Winter 2004): 47-68.

“Dreaming of Roscoe Mitchell.”  The Georgia Review LV11, 3 (Fall 2003): 482-507.

“Burn: A Memoir.”  Puerto Del Sol 38, 2 (Summer 2003): 67-89.

“Proxima Ra.”  The Yale Review 91, 1 (January 2003): 78-104.

“The Velvet Lounge.”  Quarterly West 55 (Fall-Winter 2002-03): 130-41

“Stitt’s Time.” The Georgia Review LV, 2 (Summer 2001): 210-28.

“Jug Eyes.”  Shenandoah 50, 4 (Winter 2000): 5-18.


"Eye of Tylor," Yale Review, October 2016.


“Gentleman, Gift, and Narrative in Charles Dickens’ “The Italian Prisoner.”  The Victorians and Italy.  Ed. Viscovi, Villa, and Vita.  Polimetrica, Italy 2009.

“Dream of the Blind Sculptress.” Encounters with Alphonso Lingis.  Ed. Fuchs and Hooke.  Lexington, 2003.

“On Contagions: Leviticus and ‘the Fascination of the Abomination.’” Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory (April 2001): 1-36.

“Organicism and Contagion in Walter Bagehot’s Physics and Politics. Organs, Organisms, and Organizations.  Ed. T. Rachwal. Peter Lang, 2000. (8-113). 


"Luisa Casati, Fountain Dress (1921)."  FIELD 91(Fall 2014): 89-90.

 “1964: The Creation of Pharoah Sanders”; “Trumpet Physics: Fats Navarro, 1949”; “1947: Ben Webster, Considered as a Suit of Clothes.”  Brilliant Corners 12, 2 (Summer 2009).

“Julius Hemphill Portrait.”  Brilliant Corners 9, 1 (Winter 2004).

 “Nocturne, Miles: Mute.”  The Journal, Spring 2003.

 “Dizzy’s Fez.” Field, Spring 2003.

 “First System of Don Cherry” and “Richard Abrams Fragment.”  Callaloo 25.3 Fall 2002).

“1953: Frank Wess Invents the Flute.” Crazyhorse 42.2 (Fall 2002).

“IX Love: Gene Ammons, 1970,” “Transcription, Oliver Lake,” and “Words for Marty Ehrlich’s Clarinet.” Brilliant Corners 6.2 ( Summer 2002).

“1966: George Freeman’s Scenery.” Many Mountains Moving. (2002)

“1939: Duke Ellington: The Kiss.”  Field 65 (Fall 2001): 45-6.

“Joe Henderson, Comma” and “Charlie  Rouse Song.”  Callaloo 23. 4 (Winter 2000):1189-92.

“Cannonball Adderly Considered as a Very Fast Automobile, Circa 1961” and“The Death of Lee Morgan.” Field 62 (Spring 2000): 39-42.

“David Murray Plays the Holland Tunnel.”  Crazyhorse 39. 2 (Fall 1999): 76-80.

“For Rahsaan Roland Kirk” and “Newton/Ewart.” Callaloo 22. 2 (Spring 1999): 333-5.

“Coltrane’s Flute” and “Johnny Hodges Deathbed Blues.” Field 59 (Fall 1998): 102-3.

Conference papers

"Feeling the Baltimore Vibe: Hapticality, Rhythm, and 'How We Party'."  Affect Theory Conference, Millersville University, Lancaster, PA October 12-15 2015.

“Becoming London: Narrative, Periphery and Arabesque in Arthur Machen’s Hill of Dreams.”   “Literary London”, University of London UK, July 7-10 2010.

“Singularly Plural: Will Alexander’s Sunrise in Armageddon.  Transnationalism and Globalism Conference.  American Studies Institute.   University of Warsaw, Poland.  May 27-31 2008.

“Gift and Narrative in Charles Dickens’ ‘The Italian Prisoner.”  The Victorians and Italy Conference.  Universities of Genova, Italy.  March 11-15 2007.   

“Confessing Contagions.”  Confessions Conference.  University of Provence.  Aix-en-Provence, France.  March 14-19 2004.


In literary studies, my main focus is on the Gothic, Horror, and and the Weird, ranging from the long nineteenth century (Romantics, Victorian, 1890s, and Edwardian) to contemporary American fiction.

In creative writing, I teach creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry at both introductory and upper levels.  I am also faculty advisor for Greenspring Review, the Stevenson University literary magazine.  Often, I have both the pleasure of seeing powerful stories, essays, and poems take shape in my courses, and the pleasure of later seeing the work appear published in Greenspring Review and finding a wider audience.

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