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Alex Hooke: School of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty

Alex Hooke , Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy
Public History | School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Alex Hooke
Office Hours
Mon/Wed/Fri. 10-11 a.m. 3-3:30 pm.
Office Location

Meditation Center

Greenspring Campus

Campus Map


PhD, Philosophy, University of Missouri
MS, Philosophy, West Chester State College
BS, Communications & Philosophy, Towson State College
Journalism, Community College of Baltimore

Professional Experience

Villa Julie College/Stevenson University, 1985-Present
University of Wisconsin-Marathon, 1983-1985
Villa Julie College, 1978-1980



Philosophy Sketches--700 Words at a Time, 2nd Edition (Apprentice House, 2021)

The Twilight Zone and Philosophy (Open Court, 2019), Co-Editor

Alphonso Lingis and Existential Genealogy (Zero Books, 2019)

Philosophy Sketches - 700 Words at a Time (Apprentice House, 2018)

Encounters with Alphonso Lingis (Lexington, 2003), Co-Editor

Virtuous Persons, Vicious Deeds: Introductory Readings in Ethics (Mayfield, 1999), Editor                                

Instructor’s Manual for Virtuous Persons, Vicious Deeds (Mayfield, 1999)


"The Shawshank Redemption as Philosophy: Freedom and the Panopticon,” Popular Culture as Philosophy, ed. Kyle Johnson (Palgrave, 2021)

"A Curse of Forbidden Knowledge," Indiana Jones and Philosophy, ed. Dean Kowalski, (Blackwell, 2021)

"Twilight of Humanism," The Many Lives of the Twilight Zone, ed. Ron Reikke (McFarland, 2021)

“Yes, I Did It!, ” Perry Mason and Philosophy, ed. Heather Rivera (Open Court, 2020)

“Trust and Temptation at the Office,” Perry Mason and Philosophy (Open Court, 2020)

“Judge Not, Lest You…” Perry Mason and Philosophy (Open Court, 2020)

"A New Justice, A New Watchword," Cultural Politics (Winter, 2020)

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"Nietzsche and Sartre Meet... in The Twilight Zone," Philosophy Now (December 2019)

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“On ‘The First Person Singular’” Philosophy in Review (Summer 2008)

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The Original Magic Show,” Basketball Times (Dec., 2006)

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“Virtue Ethics,” Encyclopedia for Science, Technology, and Ethics, ed. Carl Mitcham (MacMillan, 2005) Translated into Japanese

“Michel Foucault,” Encyclopedia for Science, Technology, and Ethics, ed. Carl Mitcham, (MacMillan, 2005)

“The Most Silent of Men: Nietzsche’s Other Madness,” Journal of Phenomenological Psychology (Winter, 2003. 34/1)

“Alphonso Lingis’s We – A Collage, Not a Collective,” Diacritics (Winter 2003, 31/4)

“We Envious Ones,” Humanities AITIA (Fall, 2003, 24/3) 

“Silent Communities: Foucault and Lingis on the End of Philosophy,” Encounters with Alphonso Lingis, ed. Hooke and Fuchs (Lanham, MD: Lexington, 2003)

“On ‘The Imperative’” Continental Philosophy in Review (August 2001)

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“Spectacles of Morality, Spectacles of Truth,” International Studies in Philosophy, (Spring, 1998)

“Crime, Theory, and Science:  A Rejoinder to Anarchic Criminology,” Social Pathology, co-author  (January 1997)

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"Remembering A Writer and Our Bonds with Pets,” Guest Editorial, The Baltimore Sun, July 2020

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In Fiction and Reality, Terrorists don’t Always fit Profile,” Op-Ed; Baltimore Sun, March 2005 

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"In The Right Direction?" Baltimore Evening Sun, January 1995

“Needlepark Zoo," Op-Ed, Baltimore Sun, March 1992

"God=Comic," Op-Ed, Baltimore Sun, November 1986


Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Ethics

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Logic

Patterns of Thought: Human Nature

Logic, Language, and Thought

Professional Ethics

Philosophical Issues in Technology


Social and Political Philosophy

Philosophical Topics: Self-Knowledge

Philosophical Topics: Bodies Sacred and Profane

Philosophical Topics: Love

Philosophical Topics: Private and Public Domains

Philosophical Figures: Plato

Philosophical Figures: Existentialists

Philosophical Figures: Nietzsche

Self and Other

Troubled Truths: Fact, Fantasy, and Fiction (Honors)

The Beatles: A Musical and Cultural Event (Interdisciplinary)

Sports (Interdisciplinary)

Pleasures & Pains (Interdisciplinary)

Human(e) Nature(s)

The Face (Interdisciplinary)

Virtues & Vices

Gaming (Interdisciplinary)

Law/Crime—As Justice, Power, Drama (Interdisciplinary)

Roots of Rock and Roll, From Blues to The Beatles (Interdisciplinary)

Philosophical Topics: Humor as/and/or Truth

Deception (Interdisciplinary)

Good Words, Bad Words (Interdisciplinary)

Graduate Courses (Ecumenical Institute)

Social Justice and Modern Thought
Philosophical Critiques of Christianity



"Through the Eyes" Hailey Apperson, The Greenspring Review, Fall 2020

“A Practically Real Fantasy” JoAnne Benzing, in Critical Thinking and the Media (Institute for Critical Thinking: Montclair University Press, 1995)

“High – Risk and the Socratic Method:  Confronting the AIDS Crisis”, Jeanine L. Dilly. The National Honors Report (XVIII, 1) * Received $700 award as one of the top three papers in the national honor society contest , Spring 1997

“Truth Through Taboo: The Transgression of Death,” Jason Supenski, Proceedings of International Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, Tufts University, 1998 

“Ethics and the Pharmacist” Chris Buchar, Maryland Pharmacist, Spring, 1995

“Computers and Recent Debates on Artificial Intelligence”, Chris Engel, Kalaidescope, the Student Magazine for Valdosta State, 1996

“Sacred Cuts: Body Hair as a Cultural Value” Lisa Howe, Proceedings of Virginia Humanities Conference, 1997

“Friends as Meals” Virginia Petrucci, Humanities/AITIA, Spring, 2010

“Video Games and the State of Nature,” Jonah Penne, The Baltimore Sun, Op-Ed, Dec., 2009

“From Humbug to Lovebug: Scrooge’s Transformations in A Christmas Carol” Rachel Lyons, Proto, Vol. 1, 2011

“Grimm Lessons: Animals and a Child’s Vicarious Landscape” Christina Miles Proto, Vol. 2, 2012

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