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School of Humanities and Social Sciences News

Graduating seniors in Stevenson's Human Services program were recognized on Monday night at a poster session and graduation celebration with faculty, friends, and family.  The students created posters about their experience with the field placement that serves as the capstone for the major.  Placements included Kennedy Krieger School, Department of Social Services, Red Cross, YMCA, and the Lisa Vogel agency.  For many of these students, the field placement helped them to realize their passions, and several of the placements have resulted in job opportunities for the students.  It was clear from talking with the students that Human Services is a diverse field but all the practitioners have one thing in common: a desire to care for and help others.  Many thanks to our dedicated Human Services faculty and best wishes to all of the graduates!

Please join the Psychology Department at the

2016 Bi-Annual Psychology Student Showcase

Wednesday, December 7


The showcase will be held at

Stevenson University – Greenspring Campus


1525 Greenspring Valley Road

Stevenson, MD 21153


Students will present over 170 posters representing a wide range of topics at three sessions:

Session One: 9:00 AM – 9:55 AM

Session Two: 10:00 AM – 10:55 AM

Session Three: 11:00 PM – 11:55 PM

Negative feelings can have a disastrous impact on student performance.  Such negativity can be easily combated, however, explains UC Berkeley Professor, David L. Kirp, in a recent New York Times article.  Kirp describes strategies such as showing students that they have the capacity for intellectual growth, using constructive feedback, and affirming students' sense of self worth and value.  As teachers and administrators, we are responsible for the success of all of our students. Helping students to remove barriers to performance, such as negative feelings or a academic insecurities, can have a lasting positive impact, particularly for those students most at risk.

The humanities and social sciences speak to what it means to be human and what it means to connect with others.  Often, they can provide us with ways of understanding and processing the world that can help us to become more fully human and more fully connected.  In that spirit, I share two stanzas from Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem "Adonais," which he wrote upon the death of fellow poet John Keats.  Shelley used his art to both process his grief over Shelley's passing and to celebrate his life:

Oh, weep for Adonais!--The quick Dreams,
The passion-winged Ministers of thought,
Who were his flocks, whom near the living streams
Of his young spirit he fed, and whom he taught
The love which was its music, wander not,--
Wander no more, from kindling brain to brain,
But droop there, whence they sprung; and mourn their lot
Round the cold heart, where, after their sweet pain,
They ne'er will gather strength, or find a home again.... (9)

The breath whose might I have invoked in song
Descends on me; my spirit's bark is driven,
Far from the shore, far from the trembling throng
Whose sails were never to the tempest given;
The massy earth and sphered skies are riven!
I am borne darkly, fearfully, afar;
Whilst, burning through the inmost veil of Heaven,
The soul of Adonis, like a star,
Beacons from the abode where the Eternal are. (55)

The authors of The Undergraduate Experience: Focusing Institutions on What Matters Most (2016) set out to discover what practices, perspectives, and values have the most impact on undergraduate education.  Unlike many recent books on higher education, this book takes a positive, proactive approach to the student experience, focusing on what institutions can do right, rather than what they have been doing wrong. 

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