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School of Humanities and Social Sciences News

In the complicated and rapidly-changing world of healthcare, many of us are called upon to be advocates for ourselves and for others.  Having the critical thinking and analytical skills developed through the study of the humanities can help position us for such roles.  This is Emily Michelson's argument in Times Higher Education, where she writes about how her training as a historian helped her to negotiate a hospital stay.  She writes, "From my particular hospital bed, it seemed increasingly, blindingly clear how much humanities and sciences – in this case history and medicine – truly complemented each other."  Interpreting texts and situations, making meaning of ambiguity, and analyzing evidence are all transferable skills that she was able to apply to her situation to become her own advocate and help address some of the challenges she was facing.  Along the way, she also recognized the importance of such critical thinking for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers.  Seeing the complementary aspects of medicine and the humanities, Michelson notes, can benefit patients and doctors alike.

The faculty and staff of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences are excited to welcome prospective new students to Stevenson on Saturday! We look forward to meeting you and helping you picture yourself as a Mustang!

Higher earnings, lifelong learning, altruism, personal fulfillment, and leadership--just some of the outcomes of a Stevenson education.  According to recent research by Richard Detweiler (presented to the Council of Independent Colleges and reported in Inside Higher Ed) the benefits of of a student-centered education, such as small class sizes, opportunities to discuss meaningful topics in and outside of class, and a high level of faculty-student interaction, extend far beyond the college experience.  Detweiler's research reminds us that it is the individual student experience and the interpersonal relationships formed on campus that truly constitute an education.

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