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School of Humanities and Social Sciences News

Please join me in congratulating all of the HaSS faculty who participated in Friday’s Paul D. Lack Scholars’ Showcase:

Maria Wong, Assistant Professor, Psychology

VJ Iannone, Professor, Psychology

Jeff Elliott, Professor & Chair, Psychology

Laura Smith, Associate Professor & Chair, English

Rich Metzger, Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Amanda Licastro, Assistant Professor, English

Jamie Goodall, Assistant Professor, Public History

Mayaugust Finkenberg, Assistant Professor, Human Services

It was exciting to see HaSS so well represented—thank you all for your work!

The Nether asks us to consider what is real? What is ethical? And, do these things even matter? 

The show has been selling out, but if you haven't seen it yet, there are still 3 performances left!

Thank you to Dr. Jen Erdman (Public History) and Dr. Ryan Schurtz (Psychology) who shared their research at the inaugural HaSS Diverse Perspectives Forum.  This new series creates a space for HaSS faculty members (full-time and part-time) to discuss their research, scholarship, and creative work.  Topics are open and work in progress is particularly welcome.

For our inaugural session, Dr. Erdman talked about teaching critical thinking through the topic of conspiracy theories in her INDSC350 class and Dr. Schurtz shared his experiences writing op-ed pieces for the Baltimore Sun (including useful tips for colleagues interested in exploring this form of publication).  Our March Forum will feature speakers from Human Services and Theatre & Media Performance. 

Jane Austen is 241 years young.  Born December 16, 1775 in a small village in the south of England, she could never have anticipated the fame she would achieve.  One of the pleasures of being a Jane Austen scholar and fan is the wide variety of Austen-related books, toys, and other merchandise that often finds its way into my office, and I will be sharing some of that this semester in anticipation of the many Jane Austen events and celebrations that will be happening around the world as we mark the 200th anniversary of her passing in July of this year.  The most recent addition to my collection is this fun set of Jane Austen magnets, which (correctly) notes that there are few combinations better than a good book and a hot cup of tea.

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