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Civic engagement is a cornerstone of democracy, and the importance of upholding our civic responsibilities transcends individual political or social beliefs.  What role does higher education play in developing and fostering civic engagement?  In a recent Chronicle article, It encompasses a range of approaches, such as helping students have conversations across ideological differences, providing opportunities to engage in community-service projects, teaching critical-thinking and media-literacy skills, and building knowledge of political processes."  While faculty and administrators can create environments to promote civic engagement, however, the real test is one of lifelong learning.  How can we help students create habits and practices that will ultimately lead to a more informed and engaged citizenry?

Congratulations to senior Psychology major Erick Guzman on his acceptance into Loyola University's PsyD program and Duquesne University's PhD program!

Please join us for our next meeting: Friday 3/3, SoLVE Center (OMN), 4:30-6:00

Psychology faculty member Dr. Ryan Schurtz explores the "mystery of major league hitting" in today's Baltimore Sun.

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