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School of Humanities and Social Sciences News

As we move through second half of the semester, everything seems to get busier and more hectic.  During busy times, it's important to maintain our resilience.  Broadly defined as the ability to "bounce back," resilience can help sustain us during stressful times.  One of my favorite career advice blogs, The Daily Muse offers some great strategies for building resilience: don't be constrained by limits, view failure as an opportunity to learn, and believe in the work you're doing.  I also find it useful to keep some stress-relieving toys on my desk!  Perhaps easier said than done, but by building resilience during quiet times, we are better equipped to manage stressful situations.

(photo: Greenspring Review)

Greenspring Review is Stevenson's new student-run digital literary, art, and media magazine.  The magazine features creative work, including creative writing, journalistic writing, photography, fashion design, and art.  Submission is open to anyone.  The magazine's production is led by English faculty members Dr. Amanda Licastro and Dr. Gerald Majer and senior English major Kayleigh Marinelli (editor-in-chief).  The launch party and reading for the inaugural issue will take place on Wednesday 11/16, 7:00, Ratcliffe.  All are welcome! 

In  the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma! Aunt Eller tries to bring harmony to the state by singing about how "the farmer and the cowman should be friends."  She points out how they can accomplish much more by working together than by competing or working at cross-purposes.

The same is true for the Humanities and STEM disciplines, explains David H. Bailey in The Huffington Post.  Writing from the perspective of a scientist, Bailey argues that "the skills typically taught in arts and the humanities are exactly those required for combining artistic design with engineering excellence."  Scientists and humanists not only can learn from one another.  We must learn from one another.  To that end, then, perhaps we might think about how a minor in Philosophy could fit with a major in Environmental Science or how a major in English could benefit from a minor in Information Systems.  The possibilities are endless!

The Department of Theatre & Media Performance welcomed students from Patapsco High School to a special matinee performance of The Glass Menagerie. Following the performance, students had the opportunity to talk with the cast and crew over lunch and learn more about programs in HaSS and the School of Design.  We hope to see some of them as future Mustangs!

The Glass Menagerie will run through 11/19.  Many thanks to Professors Ryan Clark and Chris Crostic for organizing this event.

Dr. Klossou’s Criminology course focuses on current theories of crime, types of crime, programs for prevention, and the control and treatment of crime.  This course is required for students in the Criminal Justice program, which is one of Stevenson’s most popular majors.  Students in CJUS285 develop an understanding of how crime, criminal behavior, and the criminal justice system are related.  In today’s class, students were discussing social learning theories with particular attention to the role of the individual in society.  Dr. Klossou led the students through the theory, demonstrating how social interactions with intimate personal groups contributed to learning and behavior.  The class also considered different scenarios, behaviors, and responses.

Some of the careers pursued by Stevenson’s Criminal Justice graduates include forensic investigator, counselor, police officer, and lawyer.

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