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School of Humanities and Social Sciences News

If you wander too far down the library stacks QL737 row you might just find yourself in the Stevenson University archives.  Overseen by University archivist and Chair of the department of Public History and Humanities, Dr. Glenn Johnston, the archives are home to myriad hidden treasures. On my recent visit, Dr. Johnston brought out a first edition, first printing of the King James bible from 1611.  Stevenson acquired this treasure through the efforts of Professor Joseph McGraw (Public History) who found it Maryland Bible Society (founded in 1812). The Society has generously placed the book on long-term loan with the archives. What else is in the archives?  You might just have to visit to find out!

On October 27, Psychology adjunct faculty member Dr. George Leary had a packed house for his talk on "The Black Male Experience."  Stevenson offers both a major and a minor in Psychology--check out Dr. Leary's courses and other courses from the department on our Psychology program page!

As the culmination of a semester-long investigation into the Presidential Debates, faculty members Dr. Ingrid Tulloch (Psychology) and Dr. Alex Boulton (Public History) hosted a debate with SU community members playing the roles of the candidates. HaSS’ own Larry Fort represented Hillary Clinton, while the Brown School of Business and Leadership had Malik Mohammed representing Jill Stein and Nicholas Kelly representing Donald Trump. In the caucus at the end, Donald Trump was named the winner of the debate.

Thanks to everyone who participated in these events--don't forget to vote on November 8th!

Students in Professor Megan Nyland's ENG224: Introduction to Creative Writing went in search of some inspiration last week.  This class session focused on introspection and the impact of concrete senses on memory.  Students walked the meditation labyrinth on the Greenspring campus and journaled about their experiences. They also swung on the swings and wrote poems that focused on memory and sensations of this activity, focusing on emotion and childhood memory.

According to the Wall Street Journal  students' minors can have a big impact on their careers.  Minors can help students broaden their knowledge base and diversify their experience.  Did you know that HaSS offers a robust program of minors, including Sociology, Philosophy, and Religion?  Our minors are very flexible and fit well with a variety of programs, so if you have space in your schedule (or on your bookshelf!) come check out your options.

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