Cases of the viral disease COVD-19 are ever increasing here in the States, and now many Maryland schools, including Stevenson, have canceled their face-to-face classes. One of the top methods for decreasing your chance of contracting COVD-19, besides frequently washing your hands with soap and warm water, is avoiding those who are or may be sick. For many of us, this means staying inside. But, unfortunately, staying sequestered indoors all day and night can quickly become very boring. There is only so much Netflix to watch, Angry Birds to play, or homework to do before you start to go insane. So, I’ve compiled a list of things you can do inside to stave off that boredom.

Have a Movie Day

I know I just said there is only so much Netflix to watch, but picking a theme to your movie marathon can open-up a world of possibilities. Whether it be all the Harry Potters, your favorite childhood films, or a day of action-packed adventure, having a day to just sit in comfy clothes and eat popcorn is both fun and relaxing.


Now, you may be thinking, “I write all the time for school, why should I do it in my free time?” I’m not talking about academic writing or anything so serious. If you have a device, or paper and pen, take some time to sit and do some creative writing, i.e. stories, poetry, journaling, song-writing, or even taking the time to copy down Mom’s recipe for that awesome dish you had on that holiday. Regardless it’ll get your brain working in a creative way, and you may find you’ve started something really cool. Here is a link to 365 writing prompts –

Create Art

I know not everyone finds enjoyment in or is wired for writing, but similarly to writing, any artistic endeavor will also get your creative brain working. Drawing, painting, sculpting, building, sewing, and scrapbooking (just to name a few) are fun and entertaining activities that you can spend hours on. You don’t have to create “good” art to have fun and produce something you can be proud of. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, here is a link to an extensive list of adult arts and crafts you can do at home.


This may be a bit of an obvious one, but why not pick up a book in your free time. Finish that book you’ve been putting off. Start something new. Don’t be afraid to try different genres! You might end up surprising yourself. Not sure what to read next? Here is a link to a sight that will suggest new books to you based on what books you’ve liked before

Build a Pillow Fort

Does it sound a little childish? Probably. Is it still fun? You bet it is! Grab those pillows, blankets, and couch cushions and go to town!

Try a New Recipe

When was the last time you cooked anything different or adventurous? Take the time to play in the kitchen. Bake those weird cupcakes. Try making whatever Bubble and Squeak is.

Redecorate/Spring Cleaning

Now that you’re stuck inside, you might as well clean up a bit. I don’t just mean sweep and vacuum. Go through your room or house and see what doesn’t get used anymore, or what is just taking up space. If it’s broken, throw it away (or turn it into a craft!). If it’s still usable, put it in a bag for donation. Then after your space is clean you can rearrange. Breathe some new life into your space.

Garden If You Can

This whole blog has been about what you can do inside, but getting some fresh air is also very important for your health. If you have space at home or even just a pot or two, try your hand at gardening. Whether it be flowers or food, it’s a great way to spend some time in the sun and you will get to enjoy the, literal, fruits of your labors.

Now, staying healthy and safe should be your top priority, but there is no reason you shouldn’t have fun at the same time.