James M. Lang discusses the importance of "smartness" in a recent article for the Chronicle of Higher EducationBuilding on Alexander W. Astin's 2016 book Are you Smart Enough? How Colleges’ Obsession With Smartness Shortchanges Students, Lang considers why colleges and universities focus on the achievements of the incoming class over those of the graduating class.  Such a focus, he suggests, is akin to hospitals measuring success by the health of a patient when he/she enters the hospital instead of the health of the patient as she/he leaves. Moreover, attention to traditional measures of smartness for incoming students (grades, SAT scores, etc.) often works directly against initiatives to diversify the student body.  If higher education's mission is to improve the lives and prospects of our students, perhaps we should focus less on their smartness at the point of admission and more on how we can help them get to someplace great by the time they leave.