Faculty in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences are active in their academic fields. Recent publications include:

Gerald Majer‘s creative nonfiction/essay “Le Squelette Joyeux” appears in the Summer 2016 issue of The Georgia Review.

Gerald Majer‘s short story “Eye of Tylor” appears in the October 2016 issue of The Yale Review.

Ingrid Tulloch and Larry Fort (senior psychology major) published a paper in Modern Psychological Science: Fort, L & Tulloch IK (2016) Behaviors of a captive Coenobita clypeatus in the presence of varying light stimuli. Modern Psychological Studies 21(2): 23-32.

Jamie Goodall’s article “Tippling houses, rum shops and taverns: how alcohol fueled informal commercial networks and knowledge exchange in the West Indies” is forthcoming in the next issue of Journal for Maritime Research, a bi-annual publication of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London.

Alex Hooke published a book chapter, ‚ÄúCollaborations,” in Passion in Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Alphonso Lingis, Ed. Randolph C. Wheeler. Lanham, MA: Lexington Books, 2016. 65-76.