Last Friday, February 28th, Stevenson University hosted their annual Paul D. Lack Scholarship Showcase. The Paul D. Lack Scholar’s Showcase is an academic showcase named in honor of a man named Paul Lack, who was once the University’s Provost. This showcase is an opportunity for selected students and faculty to present their scholarship to Stevenson faculty & staff, family, and friends.

There were six presenters, two of whom were students, representing the School of Humanities & Social Sciences at the event. Interesting topics in Psychology, Theatre & Media Performance, and English were presented at the event. This year the event was formatted in a completely new way. You had the opportunity to see all the presentations in one space, without the stress of missing a presenter you wanted to see. This new format really made a difference in attendee’s experiences and overall turn out.

If you enjoy learning new things and seeing what the best minds at Stevenson have to offer, be sure to come on out next year.