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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 American Council on Education Conference.  Focusing on "leadership in a changing world," the conference included big-picture conversations on the intersections between higher education and issues such as economics, politics, and technology.  The plenary speakers were particularly interesting and engaging, and video of their talks is currently available on the ACE website.  They raise provocative questions about the role of higher education in our world today and how to best prepare for the future.  Check it out!

Saturday is a good time to sit down with our furry friends and catch up on higher education news.  To that end, we’ll have occasional Saturday blogs that feature recent news stories or engaging articles that are particularly relevant for the Humanities & Social Sciences. 

Last week, Inside Higher Ed raised the question: does an author’s identity influence the way you read her or his work? Is it authentic for someone to write from the perspective of a different gender, class, or race?  How do science fiction or fantasy texts fit into this paradigm?  What is your opinion?

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