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Date: Mar 2020

Laptop on Desk

Last week marked the first full week of online courses that will last the rest of the semester. At this point, you may have already started receiving links to websites titled “Tips and Tricks to Mastering Online Classes!” But not all students learn the same way or need the same kind of support during this switch to the digital classroom.

As a student who is in the same boat as you, I would like to offer you my “tips and tricks.” Hopefully, this advice will offer a more peer response to some of the questions you might be asking yourself....

On Couch

Cases of the viral disease COVD-19 are ever increasing here in the States, and now many Maryland schools, including Stevenson, have canceled their face-to-face classes. One of the top methods for decreasing your chance of contracting COVD-19, besides frequently washing your hands with soap and warm water, is avoiding those who are or may be sick. For many of us, this means staying inside. But, unfortunately, staying sequestered indoors all day and night can quickly become very boring. There is only so much Netflix to watch, Angry Birds to play, or homework to do before you start to go insane. So, I’ve compiled a list of things you can do inside to stave off that boredom.


Halfway there

We are halfway through the semester and next week is spring break! That means it’s time to start thinking about events you can attend during the last half of this spring semester....


Last Friday, February 28th, Stevenson University hosted their annual Paul D. Lack Scholarship Showcase....Click here to read more.

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