School of Humanities and Social Sciences News

Students in Professor Megan Nyland's ENG224: Introduction to Creative Writing went in search of some inspiration last week. This class session focused on introspection and the impact of concrete senses on memory.

According to the Wall Street Journal students' minors can have a big impact on their careers. Minors can help students broaden their knowledge base and diversify their experience.

Thank you to everyone who visited the HaSS tent on Saturday. Despite the wind and chilly temperatures, we had a wonderful time and celebrated a Mustangs victory.

Talking statues, the legacy of slavery, Dracula-bot, a fish with a human face. Each scene in Stevenson's Theatre & Media Performance production of DreamPlay reflects a dream experience of one of the cast members.

Each semester, HaSS hosts a series of conversations that center on questions of diversity and inclusion. Organized by Dr.