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Brown School of Business and Leadership

Twenty-five members of Stevenson Enactus, and faculty advisor Dr. Jim Kucher, spent winter break in downtown Baltimore at The Impact Hub working with three non-profit organizations. The students used the knowledge and skills they learned from their Stevenson business classes to help the organizations with their missions, marketing, financials, future goals and more. 

Business Administration major Harry Snider talks about the experience in the video below. For more info on Stevenson Enactus, contact Dr. Jim Kucher,  443-352-4339,


On Monday, February 12, WJZ CBS Baltimore reporter Jessica Kartalija interviewed faculty, students, and alumni about their recent Mission: I'm Home trip to New Orleans.

Romas Laskauskas of the School of Business said "These are young students 18, 19, 20 years old. Oftentimes, this is, for them, an opportunity to travel. Secondly, an opportunity to learn about giving back, about service and most of the students will say that their experiences are life changing”.

Watch the complete news segment below.


Find out more about Stevenson's "Mission: I'm Home" trips here.

Dr. Takisha Toler's Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) class gave a marketing and branding presentation to Madeline Yates, the Executive Director of Campus Compact Mid Atlantic, a non-profit organization focusing on institutional participation in academic-based public service and civic engagement programs  The class conducted research, created a new logo, tagline, marketing campaign, social media strategies, video, and presentation materials to assist CCM-A in raising awareness for their organization.

Campus Compact Presentation by Fall MKT 336

The Brown School of Business and Leadership Second Annual Student Showcase was held on November 29th 2017, in the Rockland Banquet Room. Students majoring in Accounting, Business Administration, Digital Marketing, and Information Systems displayed posters and discussed their projects with attendees.

Brown School of Business Second Annual Student Showcase  

In a highly competitive market where hiring managers and HR departments are receiving hundreds of applications daily, how can a recent graduate stand out with an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, a.k.a “the resume?”  

The reality is that graduating students must consider different ways to present themselves online. Here at the Office of Career Services, we talk frequently about the importance of building a professional brand in-person and online. Simply put, students who can tell their story and weave it into their professional goals are more likely to land a job right out of school.

The Marketing program here at Stevenson is trying to answer that exact question by asking students to think differently about what a professional brand is, and how they can create unique and interesting ways to stand out. Takisha Toler, Assistant Professor for Marketing and Business Administration, asked her class to build a digital resume that could be hosted on their website, LinkedIn profile, or sent as a link to a recruiter along with the traditional resume.

Students chose to build their presentations with many tools including PowerPoint and Prezi. Some even created their own videos.

They were given the following guidelines:

  •     present an overview of skills;
  •     highlight interests outside of the classroom;
  •     consider reflecting the cultural fit that best matches their career interests;
  •     choose music without lyrics that sets the appropriate mood for the visual story;
  •     and end the presentation with social media and contact information.

Once the students finalized their visual stories, R2integrated’s Digital Marketing team came to the classroom for the student presentations to critique the digital resumes and give feedback to students about what could be improved.

The exercise gave students the opportunity to put together their discipline expertise to build their professional brand, learning to tell their own story. Hearing feedback directly from industry experts was invaluable to the process as they got to experience firsthand from a hiring manager how the choices they made in their presentation could negatively and positively affect an employer’s perception of a candidate during the hiring process.

Stay tuned for the next blog post showcasing student work.

Posted by Jennifer Marin

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