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On April 9, 2019, BSOBL faculty Dr. Anna Kayes and Dr. Ora Freedman, along with Dr. Dawn Ward, Dr. Heather Harris, and Dr. Virginia Iannone hosted Navigating the Workplace-An Interdisciplinary Perspective  for over 100 students  in Rockland Banquet Room. According to the organizers, the purpose of the event was to provide SU students with an opportunity to experience an academic interdisciplinary collaboration on a relevant topic: the contemporary workplace. 

The Navigating the Workplace-An Interdisciplinary Perspective provided students one large interdisciplinary class session where they had an opportunity to experience and resolve some common challenges faced at work through the lens of different disciplines. The faculty at this collaborative class session provided a variety of frameworks, tools, and perspectives to resolve these challenges.

This approach offered a range of expertise on topics that relate to common workplace challenges, and represented a broad cross-section of schools including the School of Business, School of Design, School of Sciences, and School of Humanities.

The scheduled topics and presenters:

Dr. Ora Freedman, Brown School of Business and Leadership, Topic ‘Labor Market Know-How or How to Think like an Economist’
Dr. Virginia Iannone, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Topic: ‘Transformational Leadership’
Dr. Dawn Ward, Beverly Fine School of the Sciences, Topic: ‘Job Search Tips’
Dr. Heather Harris, School of Design, Topic: ‘Traditional and Real Recruitment Practices’
Dr. Anna Kayes, Brown School of Business and Leadership, Topic: Finding Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace

Navigating the Workplace: An Interdisciplinary Perspective  

On Thursday, March 13th, students from Dr. Anna Kayes’ Organizational Leadership class and Ryan Clark’s Theatre Program participated in a “Leadership Storytelling” workshop where three theatre students posed as Amazon executives while business students networked and shared their personal stories of leadership with them.

After the networking session, theatre students Alex Gore, Adam Nelson, and Norman Greenwell gave feedback to the business students on how well they communicated their stories of leadership.

This is the second year Dr. Kayes and Ryan Clark have collaborated to create this unique and creative opportunity for their students. To learn more about Leadership Storytelling, read the post about how it all began.

Business students participating:  Tim Acton,  Victoria Asper,  Naseehaa Bacchus,  Kendall Belser, Jonyae Curry,  Alexia DeHetre,  Danielle Ebbighausen,  Michael Elbert,  Ashli Glatfelter,  Zachary Gruber,  Brian J. Hodges,  Austin M. Howard,  Caitlynn N. James,  Nickolas J. Lawlor,  Gabriel Madro,  Louis Pettinelli,  Damika Price,  Austin Raines,  Kylie Schade,  Benjamin Sigelman,  Jordan Spencer,  Tyler  Stickley,  and Kayla Zuromski.

Leadership Storytelling Workshop - Spring 2019



John ManiattyBusiness Administration major John Maniatty, Class of 2018 has been recognized as Enactus BNY Mellon Fellow for the 2017-18 Academic Year.

Enrollment in the Enactus BNY Fellows program is completely voluntary, self-directed, and totally extra-curricular. In order to obtain the designation, students must have made significant contributions to Enactus as well as complete independent study in Project Management, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Financial Skills in a Free Market Economy.  Maniatty is the outgoing project manager for Stevenson Enactus.

Achieving this distinction places Maniatty in the top 1% of Enactus Students in the U.S.

According to the Enactus Student Fellows Program website, the program is "designed to help top Enactus students strengthen their capacity to create and deploy higher quality projects that have sustainable impact and to better prepare the students for successful careers."

For more information about the program, visit

On Wednesday April 18th, Stevenson University Business Administration major Iliyan Slavov of Kazanlak, Bulgaria was awarded the Geraldine and Sam Dell Scholarship for Character and Excellence in Business at an award reception at Rockland Center on the Owings Mills campus.

This scholarship is awarded to an exceptional senior student in the Brown School of Business and Leadership who demonstrates strong ethical grounding and a work ethic resulting in academic and personal success.

On moving from Bulgaria to Maryland to attend Stevenson University, Iliyan said “Diving into a whole new world helped me understand mine better and set new goals. New goals that are formed based on my background, interests, and the education I am getting here at Stevenson University.” In addition to the Dell Scholarship, Iliyan is also a member of the Stevenson University School of Business and Leadership team that placed second in the Weinman Cup competition at Towson University on April 13 2018.

“I believe that if you do not understand the culture you will fail to adapt. So, to me this means as a start you must understand people’s differences. Being at Stevenson is allowing me to explore those differences” said Illyan.

Additionally, Dr. Ora Freedman, professor of economics at the Brown School of Business and Leadership, delivered the Distinguished Faculty Presentation at the  award reception. Dr. Freeman presented her research on the economics of climate change and how she employed the economic model of cap and trade to empirically test if the model provides the appropriate incentive to reduce carbon emissions, in an equitable manner.

BSOBL 10th Annual Dell Scholarship Award Reception    

On April 13th the Stevenson University Business Administration team placed second in the Weinman Cup Regional Competition held at Towson University. The Stevenson team,  Operations Management students Jackson Gibb, Amanda Madrigale, Annaliese Rutishauser, and Iliyan Slavov were advised by Dr. Mark Arvisais.

The Weinman Cup is a rigorous competition open to select undergrad business schools and requires teams to solve a difficult and complex supply chain problem. The competition was created with the help of the Toby and Melvin Weinman Foundation, Inc., to provide students the opportunity to practice their business skills and interact with local business leaders. The three judges for this year’s competition were from McCormick and Company, Samuel Shapiro and Company, and Black and Decker.

Dr. Mark Arvisais has been the faculty advisor for the Brown School of Business team for the last two years. Participation on the team is strictly voluntary and there is no reward for student participation. The competition case problem is distributed over spring break which is when the team of four first began meeting weekly to work on their solution.

According to the competition rules, Dr. Arvisais could advise and guide the students but was not allowed to perform any of the calculations required to reach their solution. This year’s case involved a complex supply chain problem for a manufacturer of paint and brushes involving multiple possible routes, modes of transportation, various fees, surcharges, tariffs, and other factors that required consideration.

“The team” says Arvisais “took full responsibility for conducting research, completing the complex calculations, and developing the solution. In fact, I sometimes wondered if they needed me at all!”Weinman Competition

The team presented their solution to the judges, who gave immediate feedback, and asked further questions. “We diagrammed the company's supply chain model in the simplest of terms” said team member Annaliese Rutishauser “and from there tried to pick out where in each part of the supply chain, the company could be improved.” Team member Iliyan Slavov, also winner of this year’s Sam Dell Scholarship, said “We concluded with steps that the company needed to take and a P.E.S.T. (Political, Economic, Social, and Technological) analysis. Overall it was a great experience to work with such incredible people on this interesting case scenario. If I had to choose whether to do it again or not, I would definitely do it!

“When they gave their presentation and were presented their plaque” says Arvisais “I was so amazed and just beaming with pride at how hard they worked and how well they presented to the judges”. Dr. Arvisais says he is looking forward to the competition next year and has already been contacted by business administration students interested in being on the team in 2019.

Here is the video of the Stevenson University Team's presentation:

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