On Thursday, March 13th, students from Dr. Anna Kayes’ Organizational Leadership class and Ryan Clark’s Theatre Program participated in a “Leadership Storytelling” workshop where three theatre students posed as Amazon executives while business students networked and shared their personal stories of leadership with them.

After the networking session, theatre students Alex Gore, Adam Nelson, and Norman Greenwell gave feedback to the business students on how well they communicated their stories of leadership.

This is the second year Dr. Kayes and Ryan Clark have collaborated to create this unique and creative opportunity for their students. To learn more about Leadership Storytelling, read the post about how it all began.

Business students participating:  Tim Acton,  Victoria Asper,  Naseehaa Bacchus,  Kendall Belser, Jonyae Curry,  Alexia DeHetre,  Danielle Ebbighausen,  Michael Elbert,  Ashli Glatfelter,  Zachary Gruber,  Brian J. Hodges,  Austin M. Howard,  Caitlynn N. James,  Nickolas J. Lawlor,  Gabriel Madro,  Louis Pettinelli,  Damika Price,  Austin Raines,  Kylie Schade,  Benjamin Sigelman,  Jordan Spencer,  Tyler  Stickley,  and Kayla Zuromski.

Leadership Storytelling Workshop - Spring 2019