Welcoming Campus

In the age of Instagram, YouTube, and virtual tours, it’s easier than ever to forgo the traditional college tour for its digital counterparts. However, in personal accounts of current and former college students, often the phrase “The moment I stepped on campus...” is used alongside their explanation of why they chose their particular school. There’s a reason: the gut feeling one gets when visiting a campus for the first time. It stands the test of time.  

For students and parents alike, visiting a college campus in person allows for a more intimate experience with all facets of a school’s atmosphere: the residence halls, academic buildings and classrooms, dining halls, athletic facilities, and the faces of the community. You get to plant your feet where you may end up spending the next four years—and envision what those might look like. 

Over recent years, Stevenson University has continued to curate its visit options to meet the needs of every student. Below is a guide to each type of visit, what it entails, and who it's best fit for, so you can get to know us on your terms.

Daily Visit

Information Session & Campus Tour at 10 a.m. 

Campus Tour only at 1 p.m. 

Who it's for: Everyone

During Daily Visits, you’ll attend an interactive information session to learn about Stevenson’s mission, admissions process, and academic programs. After, a student ambassador will take you on a tour of our Owings Mills Campus so you can see what being a Mustang is all about. A two-hour campus visit starts at 10 a.m.—or a shorter campus tour at 1 p.m. is offered Monday through Friday and most Saturdays. Transfer students are welcome for these visits but are encouraged to attend Transfer Tuesday Sessions. 

Where to register: stevenson.edu/visit

Custom Visit 

January through May; September through December 

Who it's for: High School Seniors

During your Custom Visit, you’ll get to attend a class, meet with a professor in your desired major, eat lunch with current students, and tour our campus. Basically, you get to be a college student for a day! Custom Visits are open to all Senior students—offered Monday through Thursday whenever class is in session. 

Where to register: stevenson.edu/visit

Transfer Tuesdays

Who it's for: Transfer Students

During this special visit for students interested in transferring to Stevenson, you can expect to meet with a Transfer Counselor, take a tour of our Owings Mills Campus, and learn more about the process of transferring to SU. 

Where to register: stevenson.edu/visit

Open House 

Who it's for: Everyone 

An undergraduate Open House is the perfect opportunity to get a holistic experience of Stevenson University. Among activities like student performances and club fairs, you’ll get to tour our campus, learn about your desired program through an academic session, and experience what campus life has to offer students like you. 

Where to register: stevenson.edu/visit

Accepted Students’ Day 

Who it's for: Accepted Students

Visiting campus is a crucial part of the decision process when you get accepted. Stevenson invites future Mustangs to celebrate at an Accepted Students’ Day and experience the University in a new way. Whether visiting for the first time or after other events, this event is a valuable opportunity to get a deeper look into your desired major, learn about your next steps in the enrollment process, take specialty tours of various campus facilities, and meet your future classmates and faculty. 

Where to register: stevenson.edu/celebration


Want a simple breakdown of our visit options? Watch the video below.