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About Marriah: Marriah is a Business Communication major with a minor in Legal Studies. In addition, she is in the University’s Bachelor’s-to-Master’s program pursuing her Master of Science in Communication Studies. Outside of the classroom, Marriah is a Presidential Fellow, the current President of the University’s Best Buddies Chapter, a Resident Assistant, a Media Editor for the Greenspring Review, a member of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s Student Advisory Board, as well as a member of the University’s Lambda Pi Eta Chapter. She also works on campus as a Student Ambassador. 

Boyd Family Quote

Q: How did you and your child come to choose Stevenson? 

A: Marriah initially researched universities all along the East Coast. She determined that Stevenson might be a good fit for her due to Stevenson’s impressive academic curriculum, as well as their emphasis on forming community on campus. We visited the University campus on several occasions and, following her acceptance to the University, ultimately decided to attend. We were all impressed with what Stevenson had to offer. 


Q: As a parent, what do you like best about Stevenson?  

A: We like the size of both the campus and student body population (it is not too big, but also not too small). The smaller class sizes, clean and modern facilities, as well as the amenities offered are also things that we like about the University. We also feel that the professors at Stevenson are knowledgeable and have been great supports and role models to our daughter.  


Q: How have staff members helped support you and/or your student? 

A: The staff members at the University have offered guidance and encouragement to Marriah throughout her years at Stevenson. For instance, her freshman year success coach served as a mentor to Marriah as she adjusted to college living, as well as advised her as she navigated the process of changing her major.  


Q: How have professors helped support your student?  

A: They have been encouraging and helped her secure several meaningful internships; these internships have given her valuable work experience and experiential learning opportunities. For example, one of Marriah’s management professors recommended her to apply for a position as a marketing intern within the company he worked for. Through that internship experience, she gained great networking connections and was able to hone professional and transferrable skills applicable to the marketing communications world.  


Q: How would you say Stevenson has helped prepare your student for life after graduation?  

A: When Marriah started at Stevenson, she was unsure of her career direction. With the assistance of SU staff and faculty, Marriah has been able to narrow her field of interest and find a clearer career path. Classes such as the Internship Prep course, in addition to the multitude of networking events hosted by University departments, has helped Marriah to acquire skills transferrable to many different occupational fields. In many of her classes, there is also an added emphasis on career connection as students have the chance to apply textbook learning to real-world examples and situations. We truly feel that Marriah is prepared to meet the challenges and tasks that will come with working a job in the professional setting.  


Q: How has your student grown since starting at SU?  

A: Marriah has become more confident over her years at Stevenson. She has also made deep, meaningful friendships that are certain to continue for years to come. Professionally, she feels well-prepared and ready to enter the workforce, too. It has been great to see her develop as a student leader during her time at SU.     


Q: What piece of advice would you give the parent of a high school senior as their family is making their college choice?  

A: Do your research, visit college campuses, and listen to your child regarding what they want in a college experience.  


Q: If you could say only two sentences to tell a parent of an incoming student anything about Stevenson, what would you say?  

A: We have been very pleased with the Stevenson Experience. SU has been very supportive in helping our child grow and achieve both her educational and occupational goals. 


Q: Is there anything we didn’t cover in the previous questions that you would want the parents to know about your personal experience?  

A: The University has provided a well-rounded experience that has helped Marriah develop personally and academically. She has loved her time at the University and looks forward to the future as she completes her final semesters as a Stevenson Mustang. 
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