the mill feature

True to Stevenson’s collaborative approach to learning, The Mill Agency is a unique, student-driven environment where School of Design majors interact and work on communication and design solutions to meet clients’ needs in an agency-like setting. 

mill logoStudents use design thinking and creative strategies to execute professional solutions through research, discussion, iterative making, and formal presentations—all for real-world clientele in the Baltimore area. From writing press releases and contacting media to curating social media posts, shooting video, and designing brands and collateral, the Mill goes beyond classroom walls as Stevenson’s full-service, student-run communication agency. 

Dr. Leeanne M. Bell McManus, professor of communication, says the course operates like an internship. “It’s a good class for students to take because it allows them to get that experience that some of them might be lacking. They realize how to manage their time—there’s a lot of work that needs to get done.” 

Past clients have included: Baltimore Greenway Trails Network, BricknFire Pizza, the Eastern Communication Association, the Jewish Museum of Maryland, Stitching Maryland Together, and the University of Maryland St. Joseph’s Medical Center. 

“The Mill offers a unique experience that incorporates professional work from a classroom setting. Essentially, it’s an internship that prepares you for work in the real world. Not to mention, the variety of disciplines represented in the class that allow you to cultivate skills for a variety of fields.”

—Ryan Patrick, Business Communication '22