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OVERLOOKED - Situated Action/Virtual Workshop

Overlook Flyer
Thu. Oct 29, 2020 5:00pm - 6:00pm

OVERLOOKED - This exploration is a body-storming of the invisible world around us that comes from curiosity and awe.  What brings our attention to these artifacts and what if we could really experience a different life form, feel it, and make it ours? How would this affect our professional decisions? Would it create a more sustainable world? In design we often observe and analyze nature to create new and innovative solutions to express ourselves and our ingenuity.  Today, with the experience of social isolation, and the new reality of COVID-19, we as designers find ourselves more interested in observing nature for the sake of reflection, experience of the moment, and appreciation. We hope our interactive installation will inspire you to notice the natural artifacts within your surroundings, and to use your senses to meditate on the strategies they deploy to survive in the world. Be ready to move your body and have some sketching supplies available. Inna Alesina | designer | educator - David Guzman | performance artist. The virtual exhibition space will be open prior to the workshop: 

Find and bring a natural (biological) artifact - such as a leaf, shell, acorn, feather, etc.

Inna Alesina
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