The Mustang Solidarity Pledge

The Stevenson community is re-committing itself to ensuring that students, alumni, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds are seen, heard, and valued. We are grounding this commitment in our current institutional values and setting a new precedent for equity as a determinate of success for current and future members of the Mustang family.

The Mustang Solidarity Pledge has been created so that members of the Stevenson community can assert their solidarity with marginalized communities and commit to working for inclusion and standing up to injustice. We invite SU community members to sign the Mustang Solidarity Pledge and add their names to our Virtual Wall below.

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At Stevenson we pride ourselves on diversity and realize its importance and power in the University as well as in the world beyond our campus. Although discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, religion, social class, or disability are not new, we must stand together now more than ever to eradicate discrimination, even in the most subtle forms. The Stevenson community is re-committing itself to ensuring that students, alumni, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds are seen, heard, and valued. We are grounding this commitment in our current institutional values and setting a new precedent for equity, the quality of being fair and impartial when it comes to status, rights and opportunities, as a determinate of success for current and future members of the Mustang family.

The Mustang Solidarity Pledge reminds us that diversity, equity, and inclusion require ongoing work and self-reflection on the part of university leadership, administration, faculty, staff, and students. This work and reflection encourages us to realize our own biases, to educate ourselves and others, to challenge the norm, to address discriminatory acts and words, to speak out in support of marginalized groups, and to celebrate the differences that make our community stronger.

We are united as a community against hatred and injustice.

Recognizing the inherent human dignity of all members of the SU community, I pledge to:

  • Listen to the struggles and experiences of all students, faculty, staff and community members with the goal of addressing and resolving any on campus issues related to discrimination.
  • Respond to the struggles of our fellow community members with empathy, compassion, and validation.
  • Educate myself about discrimination based on identity, specifically toward the Black, LatinX, Indigenous, other racial and ethnic, faith-based, disability, and LGBTQ+ minority communities.
  • Encourage and participate in open, rigorous, and respectful dialogue with those with diverse perspectives and across disciplines.
  • Consider what more I can do to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at Stevenson and beyond.
  • Respect and honor the inherent dignity of every Stevenson community member regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, religion, social class, or disability.

Stevenson holds no place for hate, discrimination, or mistreatment in any form. The voices of our students, faculty, and staff are critical in our journey to make the Stevenson campus more equitable. By signing the Solidarity Pledge, I demonstrate my commitment to upholding these expectations for myself and the Stevenson University community.


Virtual Wall: Together We Stand for Solidarity

Caitlin Schaefer – Student
Rowan L Gilbert – Student
CJ Beteta – Student
Elizabeth Hicks – Student
Scott Pugatch – Board Chair
Antionette Jones Marbray – Staff
Jeannine Morber – Faculty
Mark Branson – Faculty
President Elliot Hirshman
Hunter Haussler – Student
Tracie Godfrey – Staff
Carolyn Danna – Faculty
Maddie Zeller – Student
Sue Kenney – Staff
Britney Campbell – Staff
Ora Freedman – Faculty
George Campbell – Student
Jessica Goddard – Staff
Nikki Adepoju – Faculty
Mark Hergan – Staff
Mark Reichart – Student
Benjamin Wilson – Faculty
Daniel Bird – Student
Christine E Moran – Staff
Juan Mercedes – Student
Brandi Hall – Student
Katrina Manabat – Student
Annee Kopecky – Student
Susan T. Gorman – Staff
Christopher R. Vaughan – Staff
Asilah Abdur-Rahman – Student
Dina Fiasconaro – Faculty
Anye Woods – Student
David Jordan – Staff
Kenneth Dyson – Staff
Colleen Mulcahey – Staff
Jenna Womack – Staff
Emma Streckenbein – Staff
Lauri Weiner    
Jason A. Summers – Staff
Alexia Smith – Student
Rachael Price – Student
Stephanie Sommers – Student
Megan Jones – Student
Meghan Marx – Faculty
Alexandra Beil – Student
Elizabeth – Student
Cammie Purtell – Student
Hannah Steier – Student
Shanay Russell – Student
Aquila Lambert – Student
Dajohnna Lyles – Student
L. Allen Roody – Staff
Ndia Barrett – Student
Megan Lang – Student
Gretchen Blackiston – Student
Shannen O’Connell – Student
Kail-La Smith – Student
Amanda Barber – Student
Lydia Podowski – Student
John Buettner – Staff
Allison Cuneo – Staff
Rich Magness – Staff
Samantha Salvemini – Student
Madeline Lentino – Student
Allyson Rohrbaugh – Student
Zachary Garrigus – Student
Janel Heasley – Student
Jensen Conklin – Student
Kiya Rich – Student
Shannon Baker – Student
Erika Dumke – Staff
Kristen Santos – Student
Camille  McMillion – Student
Phil M. – Student
Cassandra Schreiber – Student
Isaiah Oshinnaiye – Student
Nanette Tamer – Faculty
Dean Horvath – Faculty
Karlynn Brent – Student
James Sanford – Faculty
Theresa Johnson, MS, RN – Faculty
Philip Gallagher – Faculty
Sam Harris – Student
Hollis Caswell – Faculty
Karen Fuchs – Staff
Rebecca Fuentes – Student
Sydney Kominos – Staff
Annya Pereira – Student
Lorrain Bowes – Student
Carli Allison – Faculty
Laura Kelton – Student
Michael MacFee – Faculty
James Marmer – Faculty
Mary Lou Bell – Staff
Taylor Hawkins – Student
Stacie Gentzler – Faculty
Romas Laskauskas – Faculty
Susan Scherr – Faculty
Elizabeth Fields – Faculty
Tyler Didra – Staff
Mark Norris – Faculty
Richard Kirtland West – Faculty
Irv Litofsky – Faculty
Christopher Llewellyn Reed – Faculty
Jenna Lynott – Student
Jessica Phan – Student
Joseph Chuisano – Student
Rose Miller – Faculty
Lauren Cummins – Student
Hanaan Abdulmalik-Vollmer – Student
Caprice Smith – Faculty
Matthew Sponaugle – Student
Brandon Dyson – Student
Megan Shull – Student
Jo-anna Salemi Conrey – Alumni
Angela Setzer – Faculty
L. Allen Roody – Staff
Lisa Labrecque – Staff
Christina Hipsley – Faculty
Nykita Dinsmore – Student
Kaitlyn Walsh – Student
Sara Godbee – Staff
Nykita Dinsmore – Student
Peyton Ranck – Student
Robin Findeisen – Staff
Katie Reilly – Alumni
Frank Jones – Staff
Mya Nicholson – Student
Cheryl Sunderland – Staff
Jules Millison – Student
Lindsey Weisgerber – Student
Holly Christensen – Student
Connor Lutts – Student
Robert Jackson – Faculty
Kathy Peralta – Student
Kelly Fewster – Staff
Ashley Barrera – Student
Ashley Holland – Student
Matt St. George – Student
Kaycee Smith – Student
Aaliyah Mejia – Student
Amani Brightful – Student
Shinyah Moble – Student
Christian Gonzalez – Student
Mason Calafati – Student
Luke Wetzel – Student
Jonah Carlson – Student
Bryce Doherty – Student
Kai Dimaculangan – Student
Kiera Parker – Student
Sean Dowd – Student
Barry Thomas    
Leonburger – Staff
Ayana Nunn – Student
Laura Neitz Coleman – Staff
Maggie Johnson – Staff
Omar Justice Simpson – Student
Mary Beth Schwenke – Staff
Kimberly Loza Santos – Student
Rowan Brooks – Student
Isabella Cordero – Student
Wendy Kimber – Faculty
Michael Amanuel – Staff
Leslie Hilares – Student
Imani Walker – Student
Kristine Mauldin – Student
Pamica Yongyosying – Student
Mary Heid – Student
Eva Feldman – Student
Owen Keys – Student
Kaylie Upson – Student
Sarah Slaton – Student
Eunyeong Joo – Student
Emmett Hallameyer – Student
Nicole Sheppard – Student
Elena Volkova – Student
Bianca Gonzalez – Student
Ethel Zepeda – Student
Bianca Gonzalez – Student
Ada Portillo – Student
Sam Harris – Student
Gary Stone – Student
Leira Marzán – Student
Julia C. Ertel – Student
Veronica Juarez – Student
Richard Huberfeld – Student
Laurel Moody – Student
Kathy Wilt – Student
Kayleigh Cecil – Student
Bradley Bartkowiak – Student
Harry B. Turner – Student
Larry Packer – Student
Laurel Moody – Student

Dawn N. Ward – Faculty
Shannon Snyder – Student
Jason Kahan – Student
Anne-Marie Hantman – Staff
Marriah Boyd – Student
Kirsten Foster – Student
Jay Smith – Student
Vickie Cozad – Faculty
Sebastian Boos – Student
Brittney Monroe – Student
Hannah Himes – Student
Tariq Lee – Student
Jevan Leyh – Student
Kristian Slaby – Student
Dominick Celano – Student
Andrew McClain – Staff
Dylan Holy – Student
Madison Bradley – Student
Thomas Markey – Student
Rene Rodriguez – Student
Marissa Brooks – Student
Rachel Frizzell – Student
Kellie Johnson – Student
Brianna Hughes – Faculty
Takisha Toler – Faculty
Inna Alesina – Faculty
Kathy Railey – Staff
Kyree Johnson – Student
Sarah Vinci – Student
Cheryl Wilson – Staff
Graeme Millar – Staff
Mary Marc – Student
Abigail Bruce – Student
Tiffany Sanchez – Staff
Cristina Garcia – Staff
Brandon    Seidl – Staff
Aaron Harris – Staff
Jesse Newton – Student
Kirstyn Eckles – Student
John H. Miller – Staff
Jordyn Best – Student
Dee – Student    
Keiri Lemus Ramírez – Student
Lauryn Davis – Student
Darae Lyles – Student
Will Earhart – Student
Carlos Bautista Jr – Student
Alison Cuomo – Staff
Alexia Smith – Student
Megan Tweed – Student
Jenna Holtzner – Student
Monica Hastings – Student
Haley Johnson – Student
Danny Siebenhaar – Staff
Alana Shetterly – Student
Olivia Gooch – Student
Juliana Seno – Student
Emily A Smith – Student
Mason Frechtel – Student
Alexis Jones – Student
Chip Rouse – Staff
Nate DeWitt – Student
Diamond Lyles – Student
Dezmon Myers – Student
David Trumbo – Staff
Kelly Stouffer – Student
Hannah Huff – Student
Meghan M. Skaggs – Faculty
Linda Silverman – Faculty
Kathleen Lageman – Staff
Glenn T. Johnston – Faculty
Brittaney Caudle – Student
Courtney S Harden – Student
Erica Gryctz – Staff
Amanda Crusse – Student
Zachary Dunbar – Staff
Shivani Waghmare – Student
Paul Latta – Staff
Richie Abruscato – Student
Elizabeth Sutton – Faculty
Lisa Jamison – Staff
Rachel Haywood – Staff
Kim Pause Tucker – Faculty
Tracy Bolt – Staff
Mackenzie Blevins – Student
Victoria Jacobs – Student
Hillary Michaud – Faculty
Ben Fertig – Faculty
Taylor Renee Stone – Student
Bradley Ironmonger – Student
Lise Criswell – Student
Deven Roache – Student
Rebecca Doyle – Student
Thomas Coogan – Faculty
Maria Wong – Faculty
Michela Francis – Student
Kinsey LeBrun – Student
Damon Koskovich – Student
Gianna Isabella Torres – Student
Hayley L Cunningham-Garcia – Student
Eriyana Cooks – Student
Cing Nem – Student
George Lauterbach – Faculty
Mike Gohlinghorst – Staff
Neil Rothman – Faculty
Deborah Kraft – Faculty
Stephanie Verni – Faculty
Cynthia Macsherry – Staff
Loryn Lesser – Faculty
Stacy Sobieck – Staff
Gabrielle Dixon – Student
Cameron Sapienza – Student
Derek Spahr – Staff
Andrea C. White – Student
Meredith Durmowicz – Staff
Tavon Randolph – Student
Maggie Johnson – Staff
Marty Schmidt – Staff
Anna B. Kayes – Faculty
Ryane Norris – Student
Grace Maguire – Student
Rebecca Diaz – Faculty
Demosthenes “Jack” Daniel – Alumni
Jean M Wilson – Faculty
Rick Boardman – Faculty
Destinie Burgan – Alumni
Meredith A Mowen – Alumni
David W. Nicholson – Faculty
Wynne Aroom – Faculty
Bhavneet Athwal – Alumni
Lisa Moyer – Faculty
Jamie Hill – Staff
Faith Bangs – Student
Murry Baskerville – Staff
Justin Jesse Joyner – Student
Marc Grossblatt  – Alumni
Ryan Kight – Alumni
Brady Halloran – Student
Janee Gravenhise – Student
Grant Zick – Student
Aaliyah Lee – Student
jorja rodgers – Student
Nathan Arrington – Student
Thevidu Kodituwakku – Student
Alex Torres – Student
Ruthie Hernandez – Student
Semaj Gilbert – Student
kelsey reynolds – Student
katie hedge – Student
Jessica H Sesay – Student
Pierre yuri sanders Antoine – Student
Shayna Bennof – Student
Kaiya Evans – Student
Caroline Ashen – Student
Cynthia Willett – Staff
Lindsey Crockett – Student
Sam Lenox – Staff
Michelle Schwartz – Staff
Caroline Seay – Student
Eric Muhati – Faculty
Robert Navales – Student
Heather Stackus – Faculty
Marie McGrath – Faculty
Caprice Smith – Faculty
Susan Scherr – Faculty
Teresa G. Bayles – Student
Ryan Patrick – Student
Courtney Eley – Student
Angel Longus – Student
Steve Engorn – Student
Dominique Lafrance – Student
Amanda Crusse – Student
Nicholas Wells – Student
Emily Francomano – Student
Kristina Elliott – Student
Faith Erickson – Student
Evan Clifton – Student
Keira – Student
Carly Brukiewa – Student
Keziah Rogers – Student
Katherine (Katie) Welsh – Student
Abby Brown – Student
Andrew Boone – Student
Marvin Manassa – Student
Daniel Djukic – Student
Judith Feustle – Student
Richard Huberfeld – Student
Keanna Kayla Brown – Student
Stephen Knerler – Student
MaryCarol Greenwalt – Student
Anne Clevenger – Student
Jessica Bizzoco – Student
Charisse Wernecke – Student
Ken Levine – Student
Leah Wilson – Student
Sharon B. Buchbinder
Matt Resnik

Paige Adams – Student
Julia Troost – Student
Amanda Hostalka – Faculty
Hariel-Deneen King – Student
Kara Yarusso – Student
LanLe Crotty – Student
Melanie Meara – Student
Elayna Boswell – Student
Adam J. Steiner – Student
Sara Warthen – Student
Margaret Baldwin – Staff
Arianna Hebner – Student
Emani Carter – Student
Harry W. Joyner – Alumni
Cassidy LaSaracina – Student
Tracey – Student
Atsuko Biars – Staff
Stephen M. Gossage Sr. – Staff
Jeff Kelly – Staff
Jacob Quimby – Staff
Sarah Longwell – Staff
Tati Korba – Alumni
Jackie Boswell – Staff
Gloria Healy – Student
Lee Krähenbühl – Faculty
Christopher Metzger – Faculty
Ellen Roskes – Faculty
Gabrielle Styles – Staff
Katey Earle – Staff
Jeff Elliott – Faculty
Makenzie Estes – Student
Marie-Clare Ofoegbu – Student
Lindy Reymann – Staff
Leslie Kintner – Staff
Christie Sleeth – Staff
Maumi Cannell Scrimshire – Staff
Maleah Smith – Student
Keelyshea McGarry – Student
Liz Flook – Student
Kate Ford – Staff
Alexis Holloway – Student
Liz Flook – Student
Allisaundra Stank – Student
Alexandra Davila Pinetta – Student
Morgan Thayer – Student
Smruti Hariprakasha – Student
Mary Gorman – Student
Jeremy Munson – Staff
Faith Nurenberg – Student
Xena Sorto – Student
Muskan Malhotra – Student
Demarcus Crawford – Student
Kevin D. Vinson – Faculty
Mayaugust Finkenberg – Faculty
Gigi Ajavon – Faculty
Kiya Purcell – Student
Gloria Collier – Alumni
Phillip-Mathew Golden – Staff
Thomas Swisher – Faculty
John Rosicky – Faculty
Angelica Charistidis – Student
Jen Anderson – Staff
Virginia Perkins – Staff
Ian-Brolin Tumenta – Student
Ashley Kniss – Faculty
Andrea C. White – Student
Karen Currie – Staff
Natalia Portugal – Student
Virginia N Iannone – Faculty
Kaylee Snyder – Student
Tracey Mason – Faculty
Marlene Van Horn – Staff
Leah Wilson – Student
Shradha Maheshwari – Faculty
Julie Bressler – Staff
Gabrielle Dixon – Student
Matthew Seiler – Staff
John Grimes – Faculty
Meagan Burrell – Student
Soni Garbuja – Student
Jillian Corbin – Student
Luke Frantz – Student
Lauree Woodring – Staff
Daniel Djukic – Student
Maddie Howard – Student
Andrew Rouff – Student
Jenna Sadowski – Student
Melissa Robinson – Student
Sean Dougherty – Student
Nancy P. Sherman – Faculty
Victoria Galloway – Student
Megan N – Student
Jayme Stewart – Student
Zachary Rutsch – Student
Hannah Gates – Student
Angel Rutter – Student
Dean Gamber – Staff
Kailen Ballanger – Student
Drew Miller – Student
Grant M DeVivo – Student
Patrice Schaeffer – Staff
Jaelyn Edmonds – Student
Aniya Mills – Student
Amanda Curran – Student
Crystal Mullins – Student
M. Kim Forthuber – Staff
Jamèk Turner – Student
Hannah Winters – Student
Alicia – Student
Kaylee Reschke – Student
Keith D Johnson – Faculty
Bella Quinn – Student
Eric Williams – Student
Heather Carter-Rimbach – Student
Patrick Murnane – Staff
Marcie Wood – Alumni
Harry B. Turner – Faculty
Tess Gillis – Staff
Caitlin Rose – Staff
Imani Walker – Student
Tim Holland – Faculty
Matt Grimm – Staff
Julie Szymaszek – Alumni
Lorrie Cabanillas Rowland – Staff
Abby Lizewski – Student
Jennifer Knowlton – Student
Alison Shao – Faculty
Pina Hairsine – Staff
Matthew Patti – Alumni
Allie Nelson – Student
Jon Jeffers – Student
Aaron Chandler – Faculty
Kayla Moran – Student
Pamela Flores-Ortiz – Student
Rebeca Feldman – Staff
Sue Gordon – Staff
Maru Gilbert – Student
Benjamin Fino – Student
Kaelyn Gloyd – Student
Laci Johnson – Student
Anise coley – Student
Jake Roberts – Student
George Johnson – Student
Ronald Ayers – Student
Luis Gonzalez – Student
Gabby Coleman – Student
Ayesha Malik – Student
Arman Khan – Student
Holly Winklbauer – Staff
Deborah Watson – Student
Natalie Wright – Student    
Riya Vasandmalani – Student
Valerie E. Leonberger – Staff
Theodore Campanella – Student
Emma – Staff
Sam Patrick Page – Staff
Vanessa Velez – Staff
Mason Kist – Student
Nicholas Pannell – Student
Rodney Hardy, Jr. – Student
Rachel Yerks – Staff
Gloria Murrill – Alumni
Kaiyanna (Kai) Fleming – Student
Krista Flemmens – Staff
Crystal R Whittaker – Student
Finn La’akea Reyes – Student
Rana DellaRocco – Student
Henry Fleishman – Student
Ryan Smith – Student
Janine Mills – Student
Brendan Hylton – Student
Colleen Spada – Student
Shannon Scully Familetti – Student
Leanna Karl-Otto – Student
Jenna Iser – Student
Hanaan Abdulmalik-Vollmer – Student
Gordon Hicken – Student
Colleen Spada – Student
Alyssa Means – Student
Rachel Didovicher – Student
Barry Thomas – Student
Maddie Lebron – Student
Rosemary Donovan – Student
Angela Davis Pallozzi – Student
Rylee Funk – Student
Robert Pelton – Student
Beth Kobett – Student
Vayia Skinner – Student
Kiersten Wienclawski – Student
Paula Lewis – Student
Mary Heid – Student
Leira Marzan – Student
Miranda Baxendale – Student
Jessica Krout – Student
Andy Smialowski – Student