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Graduate Placement Report


Survey Process

The Career Connection Center (formerly The Office of Career Services) collaborates with academic departments to collect post-graduate plans from all Stevenson University students on an annual basis. The list of graduating students is obtained from the Registrar’s Office and reports in Informer. The electronic survey, created using Microsoft Forms, is distributed by the registrar’s office. Additionally, new graduates are sent the link to the survey one, two, and three months after graduation. The survey is also sent to capstone faculty to be distributed in class; some faculty then send the hard-copy results to the Career Connection Center. The Career Connection Center also partners with other faculty to identify student outcomes. Professional staff and career peers from the Career Connection Center email and telephone students to personally obtain post-graduation information. This information is also retrieved from LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. The complete survey for the 2018-2019 report closed six months after the end of May 2019.

In 2018-2019, there were 1020 graduates from Stevenson University, including Stevenson University Online. Of those 1020 students, 686 responded to the survey resulting in a 67.3% knowledge rate. The term “knowledge rate” defines the percent of graduates for which the institution has reasonable and verifiable information concerning the graduates’ post-graduation career activities.

The following outcomes are standard as part of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) First Destination Survey protocols.

Data by Percentage of Response

  • Working full-time (30+ hours/week): 72.01%
  • Serving in the US Military: 0.87%
  • Participating in a volunteer or service program: 0.15%
  • Working part-time by choice (less than 30 hours/week): 4.81%
  • Working part-time, seeking full-time: 3.06%
  • Enrolled in a program of continuing education: 7.73%
  • Planning to continue education: 1.90%
  • Not seeking employment or continuing education: 0.29%
  • Seeking employment: 9.18%

Executive Summary

Examining the data broadly, 80.9% of 2018-2019 Stevenson graduates were working, involved with a service/volunteer program, or in the military and 9.6% were going to graduate school or planning to enroll. Ninety and five tenths percent (90.5%) of Stevenson University graduates were working, going to graduate school or planning to enroll, working as a volunteer or with a service program, or in the military.

Note: Graduating student surveys are conducted during the six months after graduation. Results are reported in the January-February timeframe for the previous academic year (example: 2018-19 results are reported from January 2019 - January 2020).

Last Updated:10/1/2020

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