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Congratulations to MAYAUGUST FINKENBERG, Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Services. Mayaugust attended both recent sessions of the 2016 Summer Writing Retreat, and has submitted an article for publication from the work she completed during those workshops.


The work is titled “Giving Children the Tools to Bounce Back: Building Resiliency Skills for Children Experiencing Homelessness.” It has been submitted for publication in the journal Perspectives on Urban Education.


Attendees at the workshops benefitted from reviews of their work by our very capable consultants, Dr. Herb Childress and Dr. Jenny Shanahan, and from the opportunity to focus on their scholarly work in the serene setting of the Gramercy.


Furthermore, Mayaugust had an article published last year in the ICERI 2015 conference proceedings. Her article, “Building Resiliency Skills in Children Experiencing Homelessness: A Case Study of a Summer Learning Program,” was written in part during the Summer Writing Retreat held in 2015.


We wish you hearty congratulations, Mayaugust!




Congratulations to Dr. Judith Feustle, Associate Dean for GPS Nursing at the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, and Ms. Ellen Clayton, Chair and Nursing Instructor at the School of Health Professions, who have been awarded a grant for $1.36 million. Their project, “Progress through Partnerships,” will help fund the education of Stevenson nursing students for the next five years.


We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission, Nurse Support Program II, for providing this grant.



Thanks to all our participants at the second session this year of the Summer Writing Retreat. It was held June 20 to June 24 at the Carriage House at Gramercy Mansion. Under the leadership of consultants Dr. Herb Childress and Dr. Jenny Shanahan, participants received one-on-one guidance in their writing and grant proposal projects, while the group shared their projects with their colleagues, and everyone enjoyed fellowship during lunches on the patio.



Congratulations to all who participated in the Summer Writing Retreat, Session I, which took place May 23 to May 26, at the Gramercy Carriage House.

Our consultants, Dr. Herbert Childress and Dr. Jenny Shanahan, provided expert assistance to our participants as they worked on developing grant proposals and journal articles.




The rain stopped to allow us to enjoy lunches in the sunshine on the patio.


Several participants found working in the gardens conducive to their productivity.



A special thanks to our student intern, Corrina Carter, whose assistance at the workshop was invaluable.


Dr. Herb Childress has been a friend to Stevenson, and especially to the OSPR, for years. Many of you know him as the leader of our Summer Writing Retreats. He will be back with us next week, along with Dr. Jenny Shanahan, to lead our seventh Summer Writing Retreat at the Gramercy.


Herb is an effective leader at the writing workshop because he is an effective writer himself. His style is based on stories, clearly told, with human detail, that always make a point. And the points he makes are filled with wisdom and humor.


Herb has written a guide to academic life, called, with his usual wit, “The PhDictionary.” Structured as a guide through buzz-words and phrases, rather than the typical undergrad to doctoral how-to manual. It is chock full of his personal insight and amusing stories.


Herb talks about his life and his book in a recently published interview with Inside Higher Ed. It serves as a great introduction to the man and to his book. The interview can be opened at this link:


Inside Higher Ed


We look forward to seeing Herb and Jenny here next week.

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