The Summer Writing Retreat was held Monday, June 4 to Thursday, June 7, 2018, at the Carriage House at Gramercy Mansion. It was attended by 17 faculty members, 2 facilitators, and support staff from the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research.

Our two facilitators were Herb Childress and Elizabeth Perry-Sizemore. Herb has been a facilitator of the summer writing retreat since its inception 10 years ago, and is the head of the Teleidoscope Group, a consulting firm. Elizabeth Perry-Sizemore joined us as co-facilitator for the first time this year. Elizabeth . is a professor of economics at Randolph College in Virginia, and is also currently the head of its Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She is a writer and an accomplished guide to faculty development.

Both facilitators provided invaluable assistance to the faculty members in a variety of projects, including dissertation writing, article writing, research collaborations, and grant proposals. The evaluations of the retreat were consistently and highly favorable, and the retreat proved to be both a productive, and enjoyable, time for all.