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Accelerate Your Stevenson Education This Summer

Registration opens March 7th for SU Summer 2022 undergraduate courses--and we've expanded the number of courses and made changes to help you maximize the value to your education.

We're offering 60 online summer courses and discounting tuition costs to help you get ahead, to catch up, to meet SEE general education requirements, or to focus on and master a challenging subject.

All courses are 100% online—specifically developed and delivered according to online instructional standards.

Course costs are now discounted to $450 per credit for students enrolled in Stevenson’s traditional undergraduate programs, and you can have housing refund credits applied to the cost.

New courses have been added, including Math, Science, and Writing courses that meet your SEE general education requirements.

22 courses fulfill SEE general education requirements and many others fulfill major program requirements.

Get a jump on your education this summer. The summer sessions begin on May 16th, June 6th, and July 5th.

How to Register 

Search for classes here and register through Student Planning

Summer 2022 FAQs

Summer 2022 FAQs

Q: Why should I take a summer course?
A: Taking a summer course allows you to get ahead with credits, catch up on credits, meet SEE general education or program requirements, and/or focus on and master a challenging subject. In some cases, you can get into popular or high-demand classes more easily. Summer session also allows you to concentrate on one or two courses at a time rather than a full load. You can continue to learn year-round and even save on tuition with lower per credit costs.

Q: When are the summer sessions?
A: Summer sessions begin May 16th, June 5th, and July 5th.

Q: How much does it cost to take a summer course?
A: Course costs are now discounted to $450 per credit for students enrolled in Stevenson’s traditional undergraduate programs.

Q: Can I apply my financial aid?
A: Students who would like to be considered for financial aid for summer should complete a summer application

Q: Do I need a specific GPA to take summer courses?
A: During Summer 2022, all students are able to register for a summer course regardless of their GPA. Students may take one class per 8-week term. A student with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher may take a maximum of two classes per 8-week term. No student regardless of GPA will be allowed to take 3 courses in one summer term.

Q: Will classes be held in-person or online?
A: All summer courses will be held online; however, some will be synchronous and some will be asynchronous.

Q: What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous classes?
A: Synchronous classes meet on specific days and at designated times. Faculty teach and interact with students in ‘real time’ via BlueJeans sessions. Asynchronous classes do not meet at a specific time. Instruction and course content is prepared and presented by the instructor and then accessed by the students on their own schedule.

Q: How can I tell on the schedule the difference between synchronous and asynchronous classes?
A: When viewing classes in Student Planning, courses that list a meeting day and time are synchronous. Meanwhile, asynchronous courses will not list a specific course meeting day/time. For a quick glance of all courses, you can also check the attached list and view “meeting information” and/or check for synchronous or asynchronous in the comment section.

Q: When do I sign up for a summer class?
A: Open registration for Summer 2022 classes will run from March 7th through April 1st. Afterwards, students will need to be approved by their Success Coach/Academic Advisor for summer course registration.

Q: Is housing available during summer?
A: Students have the opportunity to stay in residence halls for a discounted rate. In order to be approved to live on campus over the summer you must: 1) Enroll in two 3-credit Summer Term courses or 2) Work an on-campus job (minimum 25 hours, maximum 29 hours per week) with supervisor verification. All students will reside in apartment-style accommodations, as there are no meal services available on campus in the summer. If you need more information or have questions about whether you qualify for summer housing, please contact .

Summer Session Schedule 

Summer Session Schedule 

Summer 8 week Traditional 
8 weeks June 6 – July 31 
Last day to register: 6/3/22 
Last day to drop without penalty : 6/13/22 
Last day to withdraw: 7/8/22

Summer 8-week-1 May 16 —July 10 
Last day to register: 5/13/22 
Last day to drop without penalty : 5/23/22 
Last day to withdraw: 6/17/22

Summer 8-week-2 July 5—Aug 28 
Last day to register: 7/1/22 
Last day to drop without penalty : 7/11/22 
Last day to withdraw: 8/5/22

Summer Semester 
15 weeks May 16 —August 28 
Last day to register: 5/13/21 
Last day to drop without penalty : 5/23/21 
Last day to withdraw: 7/22/22

Search For Classes 

Search for Classes

Search for Classes

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