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Wireless Network

Connecting to Stevenson’s Wi-Fi network has never been easier or faster.

For all Faculty, Students and Staff

  1. Simply connect your device to the STEVENSON or STEVENSON5 Wi-Fi network
  2. When prompted, enter your Single Sign-On credentials
  3. You are all set!

*The STEVENSON network uses 802.1x authentication and some older devices may not be able to connect to this type of network.  Check for updates to your device software if you are not able to connect.  If your device is too old to connect to the STEVENSON network, please connect to the GUEST network.  Daily registration will be required when connecting to GUEST.

The STEVENSON and STEVENSON5 Wi-Fi networks are intended for all University faculty, students and staff for all of their devices that support this type of connectivity.  The GUEST network is very limited in speed and features and should only be used by visitors to SU’s campus.

For Campus Visitors and Guests

Stevenson University offers a limited open GUEST Wi-Fi network for visitors to our various campus facilities. Simply connect to the available GUEST Wi-Fi network and open a browser to agree to the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions expire every 24 hours, so if you are on campus for several days, you will need to repeat this process each day.

  • What about tablets and smartphones?
    All current tablets and smartphones running recent Wi-Fi software can connect in the same manner.
  • How do I get help with connecting?
    Contact Tech Connection at 443-334-3000 (ext. 3000 from any campus phone) or stop in one of our support centers for assistance.

Internet Bandwidth Management

Stevenson University uses bandwidth management services in an attempt to make Internet usage as equitable as possible for everyone. These safeguards ensure that an individual or small group of users cannot degrade the Internet connectivity of the campus community. This makes it possible for large numbers of residents to be able to watch streaming services like Netflix while at the same time others can play online games, browse the web, download large files, or complete class assignments and research. We also prioritize Internet traffic giving academic use priority over entertainment use.

Bandwidth management was necessitated because it was determined that small numbers of students were monopolizing an inordinate amount of the campus bandwidth and thus impacting other students.

Stevenson University has elaborate tools to monitor the wired and wireless networks, as well as our multiple Internet links. If a student reports an issue regarding connectivity or throughput, we can monitor their specific traffic and diagnose the issue to bring about a quick resolution.  Remember, it is against University policy to use the SU network for illegal or offensive content, or to use the network resources in any manner that conflicts with the “Acceptable Use Policy” to which you have agreed. Using the University network or Internet bandwidth to conduct non-University business is not permitted. Students are not permitted to run a web server from their dorm room or host content for access by others, such as movies, music and games.

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