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Print/Copy Support

Stevenson University hosts a print management program to better align our campus with the Environmental and Sustainability goals by:

  • Maintaining a fleet of more environmentally friendly copier devices
  • Reducing printing “abuse” by employing a “pay-for-print” service
  • Focusing more of our campus printing through more efficient printing devices
  • Providing a “Follow You” print service to further reduce unclaimed print jobs by allowing users to route their job to a device with the features and finishing required
  • Print/Copy Management Program

    Print / Copy Management (effective Aug 1, 2010 – updated May 15, 2014)

    Stevenson University provides printing and copying resources in computer labs, libraries , classrooms and in common areas available to students. Black and white and color copy capabilities are provided for student use and in varying paper sizes. Stevenson University manages these printers with a software package called PaperCut.  We have provided the “FAQ” list below to help answer many of the questions students, faculty and staff have about our print management program and other general questions printing and copying at Stevenson.

    Is there an initial charge to print?

    No. Each semester every student’s “print” account will be pre-loaded with $15.00 to cover the cost of printing and copying for a semester.  This allotment is based upon average use.  Some students will use less and some students will use more than the initial allotment.  Unused funds from the initial allotment will be cleared at the end of each semester.  The print /copy funds cannot be used for any purpose other than paying for your printing and copying usage on the campus network.  The funds cannot be transferred to others, nor can they be carried from semester to semester.  During the first week of each month, a monthly “top off” will bring all student accounts back to $15.00.

    What is the cost per page?

    • $.05 for a single black and white page of 8.5×11 inches
    • $.03 for the back side of a duplexed black and white page ($.08 total for one duplexed page of 8.5×11 inches)
    • $.15 for a single color page of 8.5×11 inches
    • $.05 for the back side of a duplexed color page ($.20 total for one duplexed color page of 8.5×11 inches)
    • $.30 for page size larger than 8.5×11 of either color or black and white

    What happens when I reach my $15.00 free print allowance?

    After you have exhausted your initial fund balance of $15.00, you may wait until accounts are “topped off” during the first week of each month,  If no funds are available, you will not be able to print or copy using the campus printing devices.

    How do I print in color or print single-sided?

    By default, all devices are set to print in black and white and duplex (printing on both sides).  This is done to assist in reducing  the overall cost of printing to the students .  To force a specific print job to print in color or to print single-sided, please follow the directions found HERE.

    What if I print and the printer jams or is low on toner?

    Log in to the PaperCut web service and select “Recent Print Jobs” from the left menu.  In the list of recent jobs, locate the “Request Refund” link.  Add the details of why a refund is warranted (wrinkled sheets, smeared toner, etc.) and submit the request.  Once we verify the failure, your account will be credited back for those pages.  Refunds are not provided for printing mistakes (sending too many copies, printing the wrong file, etc.).  Refunds are processed weekly.

    What is “Follow You” printing and why would I use it?

    All campus computers will be connected to the closest copier device and to a “virtual” copier device called “Follow You”.  When you send a print job to the “Follow You” print queue, you can walk up to ANY copier on EITHER campus and retrieve your print out.  This allows you to route your job to a device with the features you need or to retrieve your printouts from a more available copier if the one in proximity to you is busy or down for service.  To release your jobs, walk up to a copier, swipe your card, select “yes” to complete your login and all of your queued Follow You jobs will begin to print.


    Faculty, students and staff are now offered the ability to submit print jobs from their own personal computers through “Web Print”  Jobs submitted in this manner will be available for release at any Xerox copier.  Simpley swipe your card at any copier and the queued jobs will begin printing in the same manner as FollowYou submitted jobs.  For more details on using WebPrintplease click here.

    Important Links

    PaperCut Web Service (including WebPrint)

    Printing in Color / Printing Single-Sided

    OIT Helpdesk web site:

  • Overview of PaperCut Services

    What is PaperCut?

    Printing and Copying Costs

    Student Printing Funds

    ***NEW - PaperCut Cards – NEW***

    Swiping Your SUOne Card

    Follow You Printing


    Student/Faculty Copiers

    How Many Trees?


    What is PaperCut?

    The PaperCut print management system allows Stevenson University the ability to manage the printing and copying services for the faculty, staff and students.  In addition to the regular printing and copying services, this software provides the following features to all;

    • “scan to email” allowing the scanning of documents, converting them to PDF or TIFF images and sending them by email
    • a virtual “Follow You” print queue where your jobs are held to be released by you at any copier – on any Stevenson campus
    • a “WebPrint” service for printing from personal devices to Stevenson copiers
    • a “Secure Print” option to hold a document and require a password to release the job before printing (important for FERPA and HIPPA compliance)
    • automated management of regular semester of “free printing” fund allocation for student printing and copying

     Printing and Copying Costs

    Full details on the Stevenson University Print Management Program can be found at this link.  The costs for printing and copying are as follows:

    • $.05 for a single black and white page of 8.5×11 inch
    • $.03 for the back side of a duplexed black and white page ($.08 total for one duplexed page of 8.5×11 inch)
    • $.15 for a single color page page of 8.5×11 inch
    • $.05 for the back side of a duplexed color page ($.20 total for one duplexed color page of 8.5×11 inch)
    • $.30 for page size larger than 8.5×11 of either color or black and white

    Student Printing Funds

    Students are provided with $15.00 of “free printing” funds at the start of each major semester (fall/spring).  On the 1st of each month, any account that has been depleted will be brought up to $10.00.  If a student uses up their “free” funds prior to the end of the month and needs to print or copy, they may add funds to their SUOne Card account and continue to print and copy using those funds.  Full details on the Stevenson University Print Management Program can be found at this link.

    Refunds are only offered when the job fails to print or the printed document(s) are damaged, streaked or otherwise unsuitable.  Refunds are not offered for printing mistakes (improperly formatted documents, accidental multiple print submissions of the same file, failure to log off of a session, etc.).  Instructions for requesting a refund for a failed/damaged print can be found in this FAQ.

    Swiping Your SUOne Card

    The new “proximity” card readers work in exactly the same manner as the building access card swipes.  Simply hold your card near the reader until the reader “beeps”.  The copier touch screen will prompt you to accept the login.  Gently press the “Yes” button to unlock the copier and access all of the available features.  If you had print jobs held in the “Follow You” or “WebPrint” queue, they will immediately start printing.  Please do not forget to end your session by pressing the “Log Off” button on the touchscreen in the upper right corner when you have completed your work.  If your card fails to work with the new devices, please contact the Helpdesk for guidance.

    “Follow You” Printing

    Every campus computer has a “Follow You” virtual printer installed.  Sending your print jobs to this printer will result in that file being held until you go to a Xerox copier, swipe your SUOne card and click the “Yes” option on the touch screen to access the copier.  The jobs will immediately start printing at your current location – regardless of where you were when you were when you submitted the jobs.


    The new WebPrint service workes in nearly the same way as the Folow You printing with the sole exception of how you submit your jobs.  Visit the web site and log in with your Single Sign On credentials.  Click WebPrint on the left navigation and follow the prompts to upload your files for printing.  WebPrint is supported on the following platforms/devices: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android.  Please Note – Due to restrictions by Apple, Apple iOS devices are not capable of using WebPrint.  The following file types are supported for WebPrint:

    • Microsoft Office Excel (xlam, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx)
    • Microsoft Office PowerPoint (pot, potm, potx, ppam, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx)
    • Microsoft Office Word (doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx, rtf)
    • Microsoft XPS (xps)
    • PDF (pdf)

    Full details on how to use WebPrint can be found in this FAQ.

    Student/Faculty Copiers

    There are currently 15 student-accessible copiers for walk-up access found in the following locations:

    • OMN – SD 109, SD 124
    • OM – SOBL lower level (outside of Jazzman’s), Library copy room, SOBL 201, Caves Commuter Lounge
    • GS – DC 231, SU 232, EX hallway, KH 120, KH 201, SC lower level hallway, Library 1st floor “Refcore”, Library 1st floor behind LRC17, Library 2nd floor

    How Many Trees?

    Ever want to know how “green” you are with your printing and copying?  Log in to your PaperCut account at and scroll down to the “Environmental Impact” section.

  • PaperCut Card Program

    Need More Printing Funds?

    Students are provided with $15 of “free” printing at the start of the semester. Each month, their balance is reset to $15.00. If you have run out of “free” printing funds and need a bit more to cover your printing needs until the first of next month, simply visit the Campus Store on the Greenspring or Owings Mills campus and purchase a code to add $5.00 of funds to your account.

    The PaperCut cards operate just like any gift card. Simply take the code on the card and enter it into your account on under the “Redeem Card” option and the funds will be immediately available to you for printing and copying.

    Each PaperCut card is good for $5.00 of additional printing funds and can only be applied to one account. Codes and unused funds will expire at the end of the semester.


    Stevenson’s Print Copy Program:


    Help: Contact Tech Connection



    • How much do the cards cost?
      Each card will be sold for $5.00.
    • How long is the card good for?
      The cards will expire on the date printed on the face of the card.
    • How do I know if I need a card?
      If you run out of funds before the end of the month and absolutely need to print or copy before your account is replenished on the 1st day of the next month, then this may be for you. That’s right. Your account is automatically replenished every month. Sweet.
    • Can I use these funds to make other purchases?
      No. These cards will only be used to increase your PaperCut printing/copying funds.
    • Can I buy a card for a friend?
      Sure. That is a really nice thing to do.
    • Are the cards refundable if I don’t use the code?
      No. The cards are sold as is and there are no refunds.
    • What if the code on my card doesn’t work?
      Go back to the Campus Store and ask for a replacement. All of the cards are tracked, so we will need to get the bad card back to determine why it failed.
    • How soon will the money show up on my account?
    • Are the cards sold at any other location other than the Owings Mills and Greenspring Campus Store locations?
      Not at this time.
    • Is it true that Stevenson provides more free printing than nearly every other school?
      Google it yourself. Kinda cool, really.
    • Where can I read the full details about the Stevenson Copy/Print Management Program?
      Right HERE.
    • Where can I get other questions answered?
      If they are Stevenson technology-related questions, then I suggest our Tech Connection Helpdesk. Questions about life and other deep subjects…Stevenson has other offices for that. We are all here to help.
  • Process for Printer/Copier Refunds

    How to request a refund using PaperCut

    1. Visit and log in with your single sign on credentials.
    2. Select “Recent Print Jobs” from the left navigation.
    3. Locate the job that failed to properly print.
    4. Click the “Request Refund” link to the right of the job.
    5. In your submission please indicate:
    a. Whether a full or partial refund is required
    b. The details of why a refund is warranted
    6. Click “Send” to submit your request.
    7. Refunds are processed at the end of each week.

    Refunds are not offered for printing mistakes such as improperly formatted documents, accidental multiple print submissions, failure to log off of a session, etc.).

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