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Wellness Center Fees

Physician or Nurse Practitioner visit $10.00
GYN visit (annual PAP) ** $25.00
Rapid strep test $10.00
Rapid mono test $10.00
Urine pregnancy test $5.00
Ace wrap - small $2.00
Ace wrap - large $3.00
Arm sling $6.00
Ankle splint $26.00
Disposable ice pack $1.00
Ear irrigation/curette $5.00
Finger splint $5.00
Nebulizer kit with albuterol $5.00
Reusable ice pack with cover $2.50
Suture/staple removal kit $5.00
Urinalysis $5.00
Wrist splint $8.00
Medications TBD
Psychiatrist - Evaluation $25.00
Medication Check / Other $10.00

*The above fees will be charged directly to your student account. Fee schedule subject to changes.
**Additional outside (non-Stevenson University affiliated) lab testing is required for a GYN visit.

Cancellation Guideline

Student's scheduled to see the Wellness Center Psychiatrist are required to provide a 24-our cancellation notice. If you call after hours, please leave a message. If we do not receive 24-hour notice, your student account will be charged the full amount as it would for a regular appointment.