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communications studies alumWhen alumna Shelby Geraci pursued her undergraduate degree, she had her sights set on majoring in English. As luck would have it, the college she was attending did not have English available as a major, which led Shelby to communications and her future career. Shelby is a recent graduate of Stevenson University Online’s Communication Studies master’s program and is currently researching Ph.D. programs....Read More

mobile payment

As individuals and businesses constantly find ways to expand the opportunities available online, commerce and shopping become increasingly prominent in the cyberspace. Having a computer or handheld device means that individuals are enabled with the capability to purchase or sell goods and services online. This increase in technological capability not only streamlines commerce,...Read More

lawyers around a table

When the news references athletes or recording artists, it is not uncommon to also hear about contracts that they sign with entities such as sports teams, record labels, and brands for endorsements. While the public is typically only made aware of the monetary value and benefits associated with such contracts, there are many unseen terms and conditions, which legal teams and agents must carefully analyze and modify to ensure that all parties involved benefit from the deal. ...Read More

hacker on the dark web

Concluding our blog series for National Cyber Security Awareness Month is a post featuring the dark corners of the web. The Internet is defined as, “A global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.” This definition hints at just how expansive the Internet is, being a global network. The name “World Wide Web,” is also very telling of the Internet’s true breadth. Due to its sheer size, there is a wide majority of the Internet that is unexplored. According to an article The Deep Web you don't know about on CNN, “Top university researchers say the Web you know -- Facebook, Wikipedia, news -- makes up less than 1 percent of the entire World Wide Web.”...Read More

In honor of Cyber Security Awareness month, we had the opportunity to speak with current Cyber Forensics master’s student, Sarah Surzyn about her journey into the world of forensics. ...Read More

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