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pile of bitcoins

In 2009, the Bitcoin was created; a digital currency allowing individuals to secure anonymous purchases for a variety of goods and services. Bitcoins have made waves in the digital world because of the lack of fees and taxation when purchasing the currency. The Bitcoin was created by an anonymous individual or group that answers to the nickname “Satoshi Nakamoto.” This currency is not limited or regulated by any central government or authority, which allows worldwide use, whether purchases are international or domestic....Read More

forensic professor speaks to classroom

Congratulations to John “Jay” Tobin, Ph.D., Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Forensic Science at Stevenson University Online, who recently was honored by earning an invitation to become an affiliate member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC). Dr. Tobin will be part of the Gunshot Residue (GSR) Subcommittee, one of the OSAC’s 25 subcommittees....Read More

woman at computer with credit card

As technology sees constant growth and improvement, it becomes significantly easier to share information and data with others, whether it be friends or strangers.  While these advances increase the ease at which useful information can be accessed, they also raise the possibility for shared data to be exploited or misused. ...Read More

bullet case documented as evidence

Evidence can present itself in a variety of manners at a crime scene.  Some evidence can be removed or manipulated, however there are a number of components that cannot be erased from the crime scene....Read More

forensic alumna graduates “If something does not pass the ‘reasonable person’ test, then trust that instinct and continue to ask questions.” This quote is one of many from our conversation with Melanie Bishop-Crouch, Stevenson Alumna and Division Chief of Real Estate Services with the Howard County Government. Throughout our conversation with Melanie, she emphasized the importance of asking questions. This is a trait that has been with her throughout for life, and as she continues ascend the ranks in the professional ladder, Melanie sticks to this method of getting problems solved. ...Read More

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