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Online Master's in Forensic Science

Prepare for a Career as a Forensic Specialist

Learn advanced scientific methods in evidence collection vital to bringing criminals to justice.

Online Master's in Forensic Science
  • Program Overview

    Stevenson University Online’s Master of Science in Forensic Science is designed for working professionals who want to learn the instrumentation, technology, and pertinent law used to collect evidence for presentation in a court of law. With a program designed for working adults, Stevenson University provides exceptional training that fits your lifestyle. A master’s in Forensic Science prepares graduates to become leaders in their field through tailored education in the sciences and gaining a thorough knowledge of law fundamentals.

    What to Expect From Our Forensic Science Master’s Program

    With our Forensic Science graduate program, students will experience highly-specialized training in the sciences and a core of law courses. Through Stevenson University Online’s relationship with the Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division, U.S. Secret Service Lab, and the Baltimore County Crime Lab, students will receive training from the top experts in the field. Students will receive professional insights from leaders in the field to help prepare them to work as forensic specialists. With specific insights that come from known leaders, graduates from this program will be prepared to work as forensic specialists in this interdisciplinary and applied scientific field.

    Program Options

    Stevenson University Online strives to provide students the tools they need as they pursue their training while managing current careers. We provide choices within the program for students to fine-tune their education to their needs. Students can select from three tracks of study based on their personal interests and career aspirations: Crime Scene Investigation, Biology, or Chemistry.

    The Mock Trial Capstone

    Forensic science is a blending of science and law, and a successful forensic science master’s program must embrace both of these. One of the features which distinguishes us from other forensic science colleges in Maryland is our Mock Trial Capstone.

    The Mock Trial Capstone provides students an opportunity to synthesize what they have learned in the classroom and apply their knowledge in a courtroom setting. The capstone course requires students to demonstrate their ability to analyze, interpret, evaluate, and present evidence in a courtroom setting. A distinction of Stevenson University Online’s forensics programs, the Mock Trial Capstone provides students with real-life experience as forensic specialists. With this aspect of our program, students graduate with the ability to handle themselves with poise in the real-world courtroom.

    Center for Forensic Excellence

    Stevenson University Online has established a Center for Forensic Excellence to promote collaboration and innovation in the Maryland forensics community. The Center will provide continuing professional education for career development, conduct and publish scholarly and applied research, and hold events for forensics professionals.

    For more information, contact us at or call 1-877-531-7113.

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    Forensic Focus, Fall 2015
    Forensics Journal, Volume 8
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  • Courses


    Within the 41-42-credit-hour Forensic Science master's program the following is required:

    • Completion of the 10 core courses totaling 28 credits
    • Completion of four courses under an elected track
    • Thesis based on original research

    Core Courses

    • FSCI 500 Survey of Forensic Science
    • FSCI 610 Physical Evidence at Crime Scenes
    • FSCI 615 Safety/Quality Control/Quality Assurance
    • FSCI 655 Practicum Rotations*
    • FSCI 720 Seminar in Forensic Science I
    • FSCI 721 Seminar in Forensic Science II
    • FSCI 760 Research Project & Presentation I*
    • FSCI 761 Research Project & Presentation II*
    • FSCOR 601 Foundations of Criminal Justice
    • FSCOR 604 Evidence
    • FSCI 701 Mock Trial*

    Track Requirements


    • FSCI 640 Serology & Immunology
    • FSCI 645 DNA Analysis
    • FSCI 660 Forensic DNA Computer Apps
    • FSCI/FS Forensic Science or Forensic Studies Elective


    • FSCI 617 Trace Evidence*
    • FSCI 620 Drug Analysis*
    • FSCI 670 Toxicology
    • FSCI/FS Forensic Science or Forensic Studies Elective

    Crime Scene Investigation 

    • FSCI 630 Crime Scene Investigation*
    • FSCI 632 Pattern Analysis
    • ART 540 Crime Scene Photography*
    • FSCI/FS Forensic Science or Forensic Studies Elective

    *On-campus Courses

  • Admission Requirements

    Admission Requirements

    • Completed online application.
    • Completion of bachelor’s degree in a natural science from a regionally accredited institution.
    • Official college transcripts from all previous academic work. 
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in past academic work.
    • Personal statement.

    Academic Prerequisites for All Tracks

    • Biology (with lab)
    • General Chemistry I & II (with lab)
    • Organic Chemistry I & II (with lab)
    • Physics I & II for science majors (with lab)
    • Calculus (3 credit hours)
    • Statistics (3 credit hours)

    Track-Specific Requirements


    All of the following courses are required; at least two of the courses should have a lab component:

    • Biochemistry
    • Molecular biology
    • Genetics
    • Population statistics
    • Cell Biology
    • Microbiology


    All of the following courses are required; each should have a lab component:

    • Analytical/Quantitative chemistry
    • Instrumental Analysis
    • Physical chemistry
    • Inorganic chemistry
  • Faculty



    John "Jay" Tobin, Ph.D. (2003)
    Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Forensic Science
    A.A., Hartford Community College
    B.S., University of Maryland, College Park
    M.S.F.S, George Washington University
    Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore

    Maria Howell (2006)
    Assistant Professor of Forensic Studies
    B.A., The Johns Hopkins University
    J.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore

    Susan A. Schenning (2005)
    Adjunct Professor of Forensic Studies
    B.A., College of Notre Dame of Maryland
    J.D., University of Baltimore


    Damon L. Burman (2007)
    Adjunct Professor of Forensic Science
    B.S., West Virginia Wesleyan College
    M.F.S., The George Washington University

    Jason Koloski, Ph.D. (2013)
    Adjunct Professor, Forensic Science
    B.A., Cornell College
    M.S., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
    M.P.H., City University of New York
    Ph.D., City University of New York

    Barry Levine, Ph.D. (2013)
    Adjunct Professor, Forensic Science
    Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore

    Irvin B. Litofsky (2005)
    Adjunct Professor of Forensic Science
    B.A., The Johns Hopkins University
    M.S.F.S., George Washington University

    Brian Miller (2009)
    Adjunct Instructor, Forensic Studies
    B.S., Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
    M.S., Stevenson University

    Steven O'Dell (2014)
    Adjunct Professor, Forensic Sciences
    B.S., Arizona State University
    M.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham
    M.B.A., University of Phoenix

    Carrie Wise (2011)
    Adjunct Instructor, Graduate & Professional Studies
    B.S., M.S., Stevenson University

  • Tuition


    Established in 1947, Stevenson University has a long history of providing students an affordable, private education. We offer financial aid packages to those who qualify, in addition to a reduced-tuition rate through partnerships with community colleges, healthcare organizations, and other organizations and corporations. For a full list of Stevenson's partners, please visit our Partnerships page.

    The following reflects the total cost of a master’s degree if completing 41-credit hours. Students are eligible to transfer up to 6-credit hours from a 4-year institution if applicable. 

    Stevenson University Online has simplified the cost of your education by eliminating all fees.

    Master’s Program Cost Per
    Credit Hour
    Cost Per Course
    (3-Credit Hours)
    Total Cost of Master's
    (41-Credit Hours)
    Forensic Science $670.00 $2,010.00 $27,470.00*

    *Does not include books.

  • FAQ

    My bachelor’s degree is in a non-science field such as Criminal Justice or Psychology. Am I eligible for admission to this program?

    Students are required to have an extensive background in the natural sciences such as Biology and Chemistry to qualify for the Forensic Science master's program. Unfortunately, students with bachelor's degrees in non-science fields are not be eligible for this program. However, they may qualify for our Forensic Studies master’s program instead.

    I took several science courses in college, but I majored in another field or changed my major to something unrelated to the sciences. I have a passion for Forensic Science and want to work in this field. Am I eligible for admission to this program?

    Students who have completed all of the courses listed below at the undergraduate level, are eligible to apply for admission to the Forensic Science master’s program. These courses are also required for employment at most forensics laboratories.

    • Biology (with lab)
    • General Chemistry I & II (with lab)
    • Organic Chemistry I & II (with lab)
    • Physics I & II for science majors (with lab)
    • Calculus (3 credit hours)
    • Statistics (3 credit hours)

    Can this program be completed 100 percent online?

    At this time, our Forensic Science master's program does require some on-campus or face-to-face coursework. Please contact an Enrollment Counselor at 1-877-531-7118 or to further discuss the format of the program and scheduling options.

    I am a high school student considering attending your university. Is this the right program for me?

    The Forensic Science program at Stevenson University Online is a master’s program intended for students who have earned a bachelor's degree. At this time, we do not offer Forensic Science as an undergraduate program. Please click here to view the available programs that students can choose from as an incoming freshman at Stevenson University.

    However, Stevenson does offer a unique 4+1 option in which students can complete both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a total of five years. Please contact Dr. Ellen Roskes at for additional information about the 4+1 option.

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