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Master's in Business & Technology Management

Integrate and Deploy Innovative Technologies

Develop skills to compete in a global marketplace.

  • Program Overview

    Stevenson University’s Master of Science in Business and Technology Management (BTM) is designed to give business professionals a competitive advantage in today’s evolving, technology-driven environment.

    Students will acquire the skills to manipulate the architecture of current and emerging technologies in order to interpret and evaluate the impact these technologies have within an organization. Students will learn how to identify best practices in hardware and software standards. Graduates of this master's program will be capable of effectively communicating their technical expertise to all levels of internal and external employees.

    Designed for working professionals, this graduate program is fully online with courses offered in 8-week sessions. Courses are also offered in a hybrid format of both online and on-campus.

    Students can select from three tracks of study based on their personal interests and career aspirations:

    Innovative Leadership

    Provides students with managerial training in negotiation and critical thinking skills. Students will learn how to motivate employees to achieve superior performance and production through building upon the principle that employees are the most valuable asset to an organization.

    Emerging Technology

    Provides students with knowledge about the development of current and future technologies. Students will learn best practices in systems planning and design and IT project management.

    Advanced Information Technology

    Provides students with advanced experience and knowledge in working with the leading applications, networks, and database design technologies.

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  • Courses


    Course Schedule 2015-16

    Download the PDF below to view the courses scheduled through fall 2016.

    Course Schedule

    Within the Business and Technology Management 36-credit-hour master's program, all students will be required to complete seven core courses totaling 21 credits. 

    Core Courses 

    • BTM 601 IT and the Organization
    • BTM 604 Cognitive Science for Requirements Analysis
    • BTM 606 Creativity in Information Systems
    • BTM 644 Project Management
    • BTM 663 Technology Law and Law Enforcement
    • BTM 701 Systems Integration
    • BTM 702 Master's Project

    Track Requirements

    Advanced Information Technology 

    • BTM 618 Network Technologies
    • BTM 630 Object-Oriented Technology with C#
    • BTM 632 Client Server computing with ASP.NET
    • BTM 634 Enterprise Data Management
    • BTM 638 Enterprise Application Development

    Emerging Technology 

    • BTM 640 Operating Environments Architecture & Infrastructure
    • BTM 642 Enterprise Application Process Analysis
    • BTM 643 E-Commerce Technologies
    • BTM 646 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    • BTM 661 E-Systems Security
    • BTM 662 B2B Applications

    Innovative Leadership 

    • BTM 635 Innovative Management and Leadership
    • BTM 645 Supply Chain Management
    • BTM 667 Customer Relationship Management
    • BTM 670 Competitive Theory
    • BTM 671 Innovative Strategies
    • BTM 672 Financial Management
  • Admission Requirements

    Admission Requirements

    • Completed online application.
    • Completion of bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution.
    • Official college transcripts from all previous academic work. 
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in past academic work.
    • Personal statement: 250-350 words.
  • Faculty



    Steven Engorn (2004)
    Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor Information Technology
    A.A., Catonsville Community College
    B.S., American University
    M.B.A., Loyola College of Maryland

    Kenneth L. Snyder (1996)
    Associate Professor of Information Technology
    A.A., Catonsville Community College
    B.S., Villa Julie College
    M.S.E.S., Loyola College of Maryland


    Marie K. Armentrout (2009)
    Adjunct Instructor of Information Technology
    B.S., Salisbury State University
    M.S., Stevenson University

    Cary B. Barker (2006)
    Adjunct Instructor of Information Technology
    B.A., Shippensburg University
    M.S., Capitol College

    Patrick M. Carroll, Jr. (2005)
    Adjunct Instructor of Information Technology
    B.S., University of Maryland, University College
    M.S., George Washington University

    John J. O'Neill (1976)
    Adjunct Professor of Information Technology
    B.S., M.B.A., Loyola College of Maryland
    M.S., Villa Julie College

    David E. Patrick (2004)
    Adjunct Instructor of Information Technology
    B.S.E., Loyola College of Maryland
    M.S., Towson University

    Morris A. Pondfield (2001)
    Adjunct Professor of Information Technology
    B.A., University of Maryland, College Park
    M.I.M., American Graduate School of International Management
    M.S., University of Maryland, University College

    Shannon Sherlock (2009)
    Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Studies
    B.A., University of Alabama
    M.S., George Washington University

    Karl Schroeder (1999)
    Adjunct Instructor of Information Technology
    B.S., M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute

  • Tuition & Fees

    Tuition & Fees

    Tuition (per credit): $670

    Fees (per semester) Summer 2016: $125
    No Fees beginning Fall 2016​

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