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Criminal Justice

See that Justice is Served

Stevenson's program provides the expertise of its faculty as a resource for criminal justice and social service agencies in the metropolitan Baltimore area.

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  • Program Overview

    Help make your city, state, and country a safer place with a degree from Stevenson.

    Through Stevenson's adult undergraduate Criminal Justice program, you can study of the causes and consequences of criminal activity-and the society in which crime occurs.


    Whether you're new to the field or already working in it, Stevenson's Criminal Justice program will give you a state-of-the-art education in which you'll gain a comprehensive and critical understanding of the criminal justice system and the society in which it functions. You'll examine critically the broad questions of how justice is administered in American society and globally as well as confront the fundamental issues of criminal justice, which you'll face as a professional and as an involved citizen.

    Our faculty members-who bring their expertise in the field and ongoing research into the classroom-are committed to addressing your needs and preparing your for criminal justice careers or post-graduate work. The program was also designed to be convenient; you can take it online in eight-week sessions.

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  • Courses


    Course Schedule 2015-16

    Download the PDF below to view the courses scheduled through fall 2016.

    Course Schedule

    In addition to completing the University's Core Curriculum, students in the Criminal Justice will complete the following courses:

    Major Requirements

    • CJUS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • CJUS 220 Criminal Law & Procedure
    • CJUS 265 The Juvenile Justice System
    • CJUS 275 Corrections
    • CJUS 280 Law Enforcement
    • CJUS 285 Criminology
    • CJUS 305 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
    • CJUS 310 Comparative Criminal Justice
    • CJUS 380 American Courts & the Criminal Justice System
    • CJUS 385 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
    • Five of the following courses (or other related courses approved by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Accelerated Programs):
      • CJUS 350 Criminal Justice Special Topics
      • CJUS 355 Race and Crime
      • CJUS 381 Justice, Media and Crime
      • CJUS 382 Crime Mapping and Crime Analysis
      • CJUS 383 Law Enforcement and the Community
      • CJUS 390 Domestic Security
      • CJUS 420 Study Abroad Internship
      • CJUS 430 Law Enforcement Administration & Management
      • SOC 375 Social Stratification

    Secondary Requirements

    • IS 135 Advanced MS Office Applications
    • MATH 140 Basic Statistics
    • PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology*
    • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology*
    • POSCI 102 American Government*
    • POSCI 205 State & Local Government
    • HSR 201 Introduction to Human Services*

    *Course also fulfills a core requirement

  • Admission Requirements

    Admission Requirements

    • Completed online application.
    • Two years of professional work experience.
    • Official college transcripts from each college previously attended.
    • At least 15 transferable credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  • Faculty


    Morris Greenberg (2010)
    Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice
    B.S., M.S., The Johns Hopkins University

    Benjamin A. Harris, J.D. (2009)
    Adjunct Professor of Law and Criminal Justice
    B.A., The Johns Hopkins University
    J.D., Benjamin N. Cordozo School of Law

    Nancy C. Hoffman. Ph.D. (2009)
    Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice
    B.A., University of Maryland, College Park
    M.A., Loyola College
    Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park

    Pamela M. Kessler, J.D. (2005)
    Adjunct Professor of Law
    B.A., University of Maryland, College Park
    J.D., University of Baltimore

    Heidi F. Kunert (2006)
    Adjunct Professor of Forensic Science
    B.A., Loyola College of Maryland
    M.F.S., George Washington University

    Colin A. May (2010)
    Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice
    B.S., Siena College
    M.S., Stevenson University

    Patrick McDowell (2011)
    Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice
    B.S., M.S., The Johns Hopkins University

    John J. O'Neill (1976)
    Adjunct Professor of Forensic Studies and Criminal Justice
    B.S., M.B.A., Loyola College
    M.S., Villa Julie College

    Lisa M. Scarbath, J.D. (2009)
    Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice
    B.A., University of Delaware
    J.D., University of Maryland

    Richard Stone, J.D. (2004)
    Adjunct Professor of Forensic Studies
    B.S., Syracuse University
    J.D., Brooklyn Law School

    Jason Zeiler (2010)
    Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice
    B.S., Excelsior College
    M.S., Troy University
    M.S., Stevenson University

    Joyce Zerhusen (2004)
    Adjunct Professor of Forensic Studies and Criminal Justice
    A.A., Community Colleges of Baltimore County
    B.S., Villa Julie College
    M.A., University of Baltimore

  • Tuition & Fees

    Tuition & Fees

    Part-time tuition (per credit): $495
    Fees (per semester): $125

    If you have earned an Associate's Degree from a Maryland community college, please contact us at 1-877-531-7118 to determine if you are eligible for a tuition discount.

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