Stevenson University offers so many different resources for their diverse student body. One of those being the immense growing opportunities for veterans on campus. Particularly are the resources at the Office of Career Services. 

The goal is to make the transition from military to higher education as smooth as possible. More often than not, veterans feel isolated in college and have trouble connecting to the rest of their peers.

Shane Knickman is the Veteran’s Career Advocate and helps make the transition easy. By working with veterans, Shane is able to celebrate their service while making them realize that their unique skill sets are marketable in today’s workforce.

The Office of Career Services is dedicated to student success. Veterans have the opportunity to get help creating resumes that display their abilities, gain interview expertise, and be guided towards the path of victory.

The best way to pay back our servicemen and servicewomen is to do all we can in helping them succeed. We recommend that veterans make an appointment with Shane Knickman and get started building their professional brand.

It’s also important to mention that Veterans Instant Decision Day is Friday, November 11. Veterans will be able to get their transcripts reviewed, receive an admissions decision and scholarship quote in the same. Contact Christian Manning for more information