It is likely that you already have a LinkedIn™ account. But is your profile set-up and updated? The following are some tips for constructing and editing your profile so you can later begin to build your network: 

  1. Upload a professional-looking profile photo. According to this recent post on LinkedIn’s™ Official Blog, having a profile photo will lead to up to 21x more profile views and 9x more requests to connect. The mobile app even has an editing tool. (Did you know Career Services offers a free head shot photo booth and most of our large events? We will also provide it to student groups upon request)
  2. Write a headline that briefly summarizes how you want to be known. Consider whether you want to use a specific occupational title or a more general description.
  3. Stay up-to date. Add your current and past positions, education, industry, and ZIP code. This information will help people, including colleagues and recruiters, find your profile and will help you connect for networking and career finding.
  4. Write a brief summary. Your summary is an opportunity to communicate your brand and market yourself. Focus on your strengths and skills. Avoid over-using industry jargon. Instead, write professionally with your personality in mind. Don’t forget to proofread! This post on LinkedIn’s™ talent blog, though geared toward recruiters, can help get you started.
  5. Include several – at least 5 – key skills. Prioritize the most important skills with the ordering tool. Allow endorsements to enable others to verify your skill set.
  6. Include languages, certifications, honors and awards, and projects. These sections will help highlight your achievements.
  7. Describe your key responsibilities for your experiences, such as positions and projects. As you are writing, consider your personal contributions. What have you done? How have you done it?
  8. Customize your profile URL so that it is easy to share. Do this by navigating to your profile and clicking on “Edit your public profile.” On the right sidebar of the screen you will find “Edit public profile URL.”

Coming Soon: Tips for using LinkedIn™ to build your professional network.

Make an appointment with a career counselor today if you need help building your profile or would like for one of us to review it!