Well, spring break is officially over and if you're graduating this Spring, or looking for a summer opportunity, now is the time to get organized.

The application process itself can feel like a job. Different companies and organizations have varying deadlines, procedures, and requirements. This is a lot to keep track of! Staying organized will help make the application process more manageable, which will help keep your stress manageable. 

  1. Consider whether you’d prefer to keep track of this information electronically or by hand. If using Excel spreadsheets are not your preference, then don’t use them! Stick to the method you know you are more likely to use.
  2. Use a table, chart, or spreadsheet to log your information, either by hand or electronically.
  3. Think of the key information you will need to log. Some examples include:
    1. Companies/organizations
    2. Job/internship titles
    3. Deadlines
    4. Names and contact information of representatives
    5. Documents required with application (e.g. cover letter, number of reference letters)
    6. Method of document submission
    7. Notes on communication and correspondences
  4. Set your own personal follow-up deadlines. This is a great way to set goals and hold yourself accountable. Don’t forget to log when you follow-up.
  5. Use your phone, computer, or planner to set reminders. This will ensure you are meeting all deadlines, those required by the organization and those you set independently.
  6. Store documents and information in one place, either electronically or physically. If you are using an electronic folder, you may want to consider folders within the main folder. For example, creating a folder for cover letters within a larger “Internship/Job Search” folder. If you are using a tangible method, you may want to consider a binder or expand-a-file. These methods will allow you to create sections for each document type.
  7. Use the same email address for all of your professional correspondences. Keeping the address consistent will limit the number of inboxes you will have to keep track of and check. Remember to keep the address professional! Adding this email account to your smartphone and approving inbox notifications will help you stay up to date with important correspondences.
  8. Flag important emails and correspondences in your account. Flagging will allow the emails to stand out and will create a shortcut when you need to refer back to them.

Need more help? Don't forget about your career counselors. We can be your accountability buddies as you work through this process. This March and April we have several recruiting events that are not to be missed. Check out our calendar and register on Handshake.