Now that your LinkedIn™ profile is constructed and up-to-date, it is time to make connections. A successful network generally requires a minimum of 100 contacts, which can be overwhelming when you're just starting out. Here are some tips for building your professional network: 

  1. Start with people you know. Search using your email contacts. Find friends, colleagues, and fellow alums/students.
  2. Join groups that are related to your industry and/or related to your location. Send invitations to connect with group members who have shared interests or goals. Send a message to learn more about a company of interest.
  3. Follow companies of interest. Connect with the company’s employees and other followers.
  4. Once you are started, look at the connections of people you already know. Ask for an introduction or send them a connection invitation yourself.
  5. Share updates, such as articles, photos, and videos, with your network. Remember to keep these updates professional. Add your voice and communicate your brand by including a caption.
  6. Build professional relationships through interactions. Comment on an update. Or start a conversation with a message. The LinkedIn™ mobile app has a conversation starters feature to help. Or you can start by introducing yourself and asking a question. Remember to personalize your communications while keeping them professional.
  7. If you are interested in discussing your connection’s experiences and/or company in length, consider asking for an informational interview. Be prepared to explain why you are interested in talking and meeting.
  8. Connect with people you meet in professional situations. This is a great way to keep track and stay in touch with people you meet at networking events or career fairs.

Growing your network will take time. The most important tip is to stay active on the platform and make sure your information is always up to date.