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The Office of Career Services is proud to announce the Executives in Residence program, designed to bring professionals into our offices to help us better serve our students and prepare them for the job search and more importantly, their careers.

As the leader in career education, we stress the value of bringing people from various industries to interact with our students in a variety of ways; from in-class presentations, to mock-interviews, and networking events. It’s important that students get access to a diverse amount of knowledge from a variety of sources as building a successful career plan takes a lot of work!

Preparing for the working world after being immersed in a comprehensive education can feel incredibly overwhelming. Our Industry Specialists work countless hours meeting with students, researching industry trends, and collaborating with faculty and employers to provide the most up to date knowledge on hiring trends.

We are joined by Gary Anderson, once a customer advocate of a multi-billion dollar corporation, and Jean Turner, retired Director of Human Resources, still actively involved in the community. You can read their full bios here.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Stevenson students to get assistance transitioning into the professional workforce.

During the summer, you MUST make an appointment to meet with the Executives in Residence by calling Career Services at 443.352.4477.


As we begin a new semester here at Stevenson University, the staff of Career Services took some time to reflect on 2016 and make a list of the accomplishments we were most proud of in the last year. As an office whose primary goal is to serve students in reaching their career goals, you can usually find us in counseling appointments, meeting employers about potential jobs and internship opportunities, in class presentations talking to students about building their personal brands, or around campus hosting a variety of events, and developing new career content....Click here to read more.

This year’s Lego Challenge was the closest battle yet with ties for first, second, and third! Checking into the competition were 798 students and 44 First Year Seminar Teams....Click here to read more.

In a highly competitive market where hiring managers and HR departments are receiving hundreds of applications daily, how can a recent graduate stand out with an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, a.k.a “the resume?”

The reality is that graduating students must consider different ways to present themselves online. Here at the Office of Career Services, we talk frequently about the importance of building a professional brand in-person and online. Simply put, students who can tell their story and weave it into their professional goals are more likely to land a job right out of school.

The Digital Marketing program here at Stevenson is trying to answer that exact question by asking students to think differently about what a professional brand is, and how they can create unique and interesting ways to stand out. ...Click here to read more.

As part of our new Employer-in-Residence series launching this September, we asked our employers to share a few tips about their session, as well as any advice they may have to graduating students.

Employer: Medifast

Zack Wilt, Senior Recruiting Manager ...Click here to read more.

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1,116 Internships

1,116 internships were completed in 2014-2015.

More Than 70

Students have access to more than 70 majors, minors, and tracks to help them explore their passions and strengths.

91 Percent

An average of 91 percent of Stevenson graduates are either working and/or going to graduate school within six months of graduation.

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