From sound mixing rock concerts to starting up his own web development company, Brian Singer of Foxtrot Media recently stopped by Stevenson University to talk to students in the School of Design about his company and the lessons he's learned along the way about working with interns and new employees.   

Foxtrot Media, is a web development firm that works with businesses to create “functional, smart, fast websites.” Singer shared his process for working with clients. He says he always starts each engagement with prospective clients by asking... “Why do you want a website?”

Although it might seem obvious, it's important to work with clients that have clear expectations of their goals. Most clients might think that they just need a website because everyone has one, but in reality, a website can have multiple uses, from representing the company, to establishing a brand, selling a product or service, or acting as an information source from social media. Whatever the client's goal is, Foxtrot Media takes their work very seriously. Singer recommended Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action to learn more.

While at Stevenson, Singer spoke about the “Dos and Don’ts” for interns:


  • Be self-starting and willing to work on your own
  • Always ask questions, especially in the interview process
  • Asking: What will a normal day look like for me? will help you understand your role and the type of projects you may work on
  • Bring passion projects and things that you’re proud of to show your dedication and how you can add value to an organization.

Singer hired one of his employees when he showed him a game he was designing. It not only showed his passions, but also his skills in an area that FoxTrot had never explored before.


  • Don't make offensive jokes during your interview, ever!
  • Never call a position you’re interviewing for a stepping stone for your career. While everyone knows that you are looking to gain new skills, an employer wants to know that you have interest in their company and are planning to stay, not just using them as a resume builder.
  • Don’t attend an interview without exploring the company’s website.…(be knowledgeable about what they do!)

Internships are vital to everyone’s college experience, so making sure that you make the best impression is very important. Don't forget that the Office of Career Services is here to help. Our counselors frequently work with various employers and can help you research a company and prepare for an interview. All you have to do is make an appointment!