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Date: Apr 2017

Now that your LinkedIn™ profile is constructed and up-to-date, it is time to make connections. A successful network generally requires a minimum of 100 contacts, which can be overwhelming when you're just starting out. Here are some tips for building your professional network:...Click here to read more.

The Office of Career Services is dedicated to helping students and alumni with all of their job related needs. Through the various career fairs and networking opportunities, everyone is given the chance to interact with employers and learn how to mingle. This year we invited Stevenson University Alum, Matthew Morris, to be our special keynote speaker and share his journey transiting from the Army to college, and now working for Pay Pal.  ...Click here to read more.

It is likely that you already have a LinkedIn™ account. But is your profile set-up and updated? The following are some tips for constructing and editing your profile so you can later begin to build your network:...Click here to read more.

Many organizations and graduate schools require references or letters of recommendation with their applications. The structure of these documents vary. For example, your references may sometimes need to mail a letter or they may need to fill out a form online.

The following tips will help you as you prepare to ask for references or letters of recommendation:...Click here to read more.

The English department and the Office of Career Services joined forces on Friday to host Emerging Careers in Writing. In the Rockland banquet room, students gathered to engage with several leading employers in the local industry.

This event was designed for students who have interest in careers that involve creative writing and communication. Some of the guests included Lydia Woolever of Baltimore Magazine, Barbara Hauck of Laissez Faire, Katie Lindholm of Scribe America, and Rachel Kassman of the Jewish Museum of Maryland....Click here to read more.